October 23, 2010

Editor's Pick? Be Careful what you wish for...

I woke up this morning, not unlike any recent morning, to the smell of freshly brewed coffee at 6:05am. Michael had already been up for a few and was good enough to start the java before heading out to the front porch for his morning smoke.  Our morning routine is fairly predictable.  Coffee, smoke, and laptops on the front porch (fans in the summer, and heater in the winter). Our porch is truly an extension of our living room and this morning was no exception...

Anyway, I manage most of our finances so I log in to our banking websites, download the necessary files, check the balances, etc... Then check emails, check facebook for any unintentionally missed birthdays or events, and finally check my blog.  While checking things out here, I noticed a spike in traffic so I checked the stat-counter to find a large number of recent "came from" visits were from a url "".  Now before any of my family or friends of the "straight variety" goes to visit that site (which I will create a link to, at the bottom of this post) I warn you, it has other reviews, links, and photos that may be quite offensive (including homosexual sex scenes) and definitely not suitable for younger viewers...  After checking this unfamiliar site out, I discovered that my blog is featured as (one of many)  "Editor's Picks".  

Here is the review for those that may wish not to visit the site:

"My New Life is a blog that eschews sensationalism in favor of common sense talk about life, work, software, Richmond and Portsmouth, Virginia and being gay - in no set order. The spirit of honesty and of general humanity is very much alive in this fulsome and really quite spirited blog written by a person who is laid-back, caring, and far more interesting than he makes out. By this time in this well-established blog, Tom Rimington meanders just a bit but he does indeed dwell on connecting with family as a gay man, speaks of his relationship with his living partner and he generally carries the wisdom which 55 year old men who have already had a family can offer. This is a somewhat rare specimen - and he has quite a few visitors per day who will testify to that. While there is no sensationally sexy stuff in here - no horny photo's, no shots of young studs in briefs - there is a gay sensibility and a supreme amount of gay pride which it benefits us all to see enacted and lived by such "high-character characters" as this. Tom brings a maturity to a zany world - a world he actually avidly participates in and just as obviously enjoys."

All I can say is WOW! I am flattered and humbled that someone took the time to read through enough of my babbling to extract this interpretation of my writings. Thank you! Oh, and by the way, I like to refer to my age as 39 with 16 years of experience (not 55),  we gay bloggers have to protect our reputation and image!

Speaking of image, here is the link to "The GayDemon Blog Editor's Pick page". Where you go from there, is totally up to you and your web browser...

Over and "Out" from a chilly morning on the front porch, here in Portsmouth, VA

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