September 21, 2011

I Loves PUSSY...

Ok, maybe not "pussy" but definitely kittens... And Star Wars ...

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September 18, 2011

Cheney's both ok gay marriage... I am so relieved...

The above video was from Tuesday's broadcast of The View. A friend of mine suggested I post this on my blog, I just wish Whoopi's reaction to the final comment by Mr. Cheney was included in the clip. It was truly "priceless".

Here is the account of the interview:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, surprised viewers on Tuesday's episode of "The View" when they they expressed their support for gay marriage.

"I think freedom means freedom for everybody," said the former vice president, "and you ought to have the right to make whatever choice you want to make with respect to your own personal situation."

"I certainly don't have any problem with it," he added.

Barbara Walters, one of the hosts of "The View," raised the subject when she asked Lynne Cheney what she thought of gay marriage.

Lynne Cheney responded by telling Walters about their gay daughter, Mary, and her partner, Heather, who have two kids. "Whatever Mary and Heather decide to do is up to Mary and Heather," she said.

"So you're not against gay marriage?" Walters asked.

"That's right," Lynne Cheney said, nodding as the crowd applauded.

This isn't the first time that Dick Cheney has expressed support for gay marriage, and his comments on Tuesday echoed what he said at the National Press Club in June 2009. But in those comments, however, he added that he believed that same-sex marriage "ought to be handled on a state-by-state basis."

The former vice president was on "The View" promoting "In My Time," his new memoir.

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September 15, 2011

Filler between the Meat...

Who doesn't like British humor...  Just a note... Make sure you watch until the end... You'll love the optical illusion of the Queen too!

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September 11, 2011

Welcome Home Lower Manhattan!

Now that the memorial ceremonies are over... I felt it more appropriate to look to the future... Welcome home Lower Manhattan... Welcome Home!

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September 8, 2011

Intense wireless hack...

Something fun:

Images Courtesy of The Chive

I love a good hack, especially one that requires me to throw back a cold one before hand (or during). This simple wifi boost has actually been shown to increase signal strength by at least 2 to 4 bars. And, well, I will drink to that.

These instructions came to us via The Chive and we think they are most definitely worth checking out. But here is the most important question: what kind of beer will you use?

For this project you are going to need scissors, a utility knife, some adhesive putty and an empty beer can. More than one empty beer can is acceptable but don’t kid yourself, the router only needs the one.

The first step is to wash out your empty beer can, unless of course said beer is a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. If it is PBR, promptly go drink a better beer. You really should be ashamed of yourself.

Once the can has dried, you will want to remove it’s pull tab.

Only perform this next step if you have not been drinking. Using the utility knife, saw off the bottom of the can. Chances are your can will not have a red dotted line. If you see one, put down the knife…you’ve had too much beer.

You’ll notice in the above step that the can’s pull tab has returned. Clearly, there are only two possible reasons for this. One, you are really drunk and you never removed the tab in the first place. Or–the more likely answer–beer cans can regenerate themselves.

It’s the home stretch! You just need to attach your modded beer can to the wifi router. Hopefully no other parts of the can have actually grown back. You now have beer-fi!

So, what kind of beer did you use?

I swiped this from here

Over and "Out" with great signal strength, from Portsmouth, VA USA

ps: I only drink beer from a bottle, I had to find a can in the neighbor's trash....

September 6, 2011

Six on the Sixth - September

Has is already been a month since I did this last? Seems like just last week, where did the Summer go? Here goes the six on the sixth for September:

1.   I learned to cook out of necessity (on the boat), as my family got seasick.

2.   I prefer hanging by a pool rather than hanging at the beach.

3.   After 30+ years in the tropics, I prefer snow to heat and humidity.

4.   I love older homes with character (ours was built in 1929).

5.   By choice, my cellphone is not a "smartphone" and has no internet access.

6.   I like all sorts of fruit, but will rarely eat watermelon.

That's it for this month's six on the sixth. I hope someone is learning a little more about me... If nothing else it's kinda fun to list this stuff!

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September 5, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Happy Labor Day to all!

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September 1, 2011

Mommy, they are just like me....

This was posted by a fellow blogger and originally came from HERE...

It's a great story and brings back just a couple of memories from my youth (that never happened)...

My oldest son is six years old and in love for the first time. 

He is in love with Blaine from Glee. 

For those who don’t know Blaine is a boy…a gay boy, the boyfriend of one of the main characters, Kurt.

This isn’t a ‘he thinks Blaine is really cool’ kind of love. It is a mooning at a picture of Blaine’s face for a half hour followed by a wistful “He’s so pretty” kind of love.

He loves the episode where two boys kiss. My son will call people in from other parts of the house to make sure they don’t miss his ‘favorite part.’ He’s been known to rewind it and watch it over again…and force other to, as well, if he doesn't think people have been paying enough attention.

This infatuation doesn't bother me or his father. We live in a very hip-liberal neighborhood, many of our friends are gay, and idea of having a gay son isn’t something that bothers either of us. Our son is going to be who he is, and it is our job to love him. End of story.

He is also six. Six year olds get obsessed with all kinds of things. This might not mean anything at all. We always joke that he’s either gay, or we have the best blackmail material in the history of mankind when he’s a 16 year old straight boy. (Take that naked bath time pictures!)

Then the other day we were traveling across the state listening to the Warblers album (of course), and in the middle of Candles, my son pipes up from the back seat.

“Mommy, Kurt and Blaine are boyfriends.”

“Yes, they are,” I affirm.

“They don’t like kissing girls. They just kiss boys.”

“That’s true.”

“Mommy, they are just like me.”

“That’s great, baby. You know I love you no matter what?”

“I know…” I could hear him rolling his eyes at me.

When we got home I recapped this conversation to his Dad, and we stood simply looking into each other’s eyes for a moment. Then we smiled.

“So if at 16 he wants to make a big announcement at the dinner table, we can say ‘You told us when you were six. Pass the carrots’ and he’ll be disappointed we stole his big dramatic moment,” my husband says with a laugh and hugs me.

Only time will tell if my son is gay, but if he is I am glad he’s mine. I am glad he has been born into our family. A family full of people who will love and accept him. People who will never want him to change. With parents who will look forward to dancing at his wedding.

And I have to admit, Blaine would be a really cute son-in-law.

I love this story and wish I had this kind of support when I was younger (it didn't exist in the 60's)...

Over and "Out" from 2011, in Portsmouth, VA USA