December 20, 2011

That's LIFE...

This is an interesting snippet from the July 7, 1927 issue of "Life" magazine (as digitized by Google)... Does anyone remember when these magazines did not have photos? I kind of scanned the whole issue and found it fascinating... The ads were all drawn, including the Automobile ads:

The interesting thing about this, as I do not remember magazines having only illustrations (rather than photos), is that the winner of the "Alibi" contest for this issue, was my paternal grandfather, who happened to live in Richmond, VA at the time... You can click on any of the images and it will take you to the original issue...

More on this in future posts, but remember, I did not visit Richmond VA until I relocated there in 1999...

Over and "Out", from Portsmouth, VA USA


Anonymous said...

I have the entire National Geographic Magazine on searchable DVDs. There was an article from way back when that I found, and I discovered that just browsing the magazine from cover to cover was fascinating - the hand-drawn ads, etc., pretty amazing, and mesmerizing!

Peace <3

Paul Brads said...

Both you and I are way too young and beautiful to remember when there were only hand drawn ads and pictures in any magazine!!

Seriously, waaaaaay to young.


William Dameron said...

My grandfather used to illustrate magazine articles. I find them so much more interesting than photos.

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