March 28, 2007

Post-it Note

Not alot happening in Toano/Williamsburg. But wanted to post something to let everyone know we are alive and well...
We had a busy weekend (last) had friends over for early dinner, and ended up at neighbors house in the hot tub for hours. We have a new friend from Richmond that came down to join us, It was a blast!
More to follow, I am off Thurs/Fri this week and I will try to post something with substance!
Over and "Out" for now, from Toano, VA

March 23, 2007


Happy 19th birthday to my baby. I hope you have a special day, I love you!


For those of you wanting to see a picture of the Sebring twins, this was taken last night, mine is the gold one, Jim's (looks black) is midnight blue:

Over and "Out" and Happy Friday, from Toano, VA

March 22, 2007

Press Yes to Delete

I saw this recently over at Best Gay Blogs and I kept trying to click the Yes button....

Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

March 16, 2007

St Patricks Day Eve

Another St Patricks Day is almost upon us... Things in Toano are going well. The past couple of weeks have been busy at home and at work. I wasn't able to fend off the nasty cold going around, but I was able to work through it. Last weekend as I was working, I got a text message from Jim (who was out running errands and making a final weekend trip to the grocery), it went something like: "Do we need beer? Have you driven the new Sebring?" my answer went something like: "Yes, and no I haven't"... Seemed like a simple exchange of words, and no where in the brief message did I read anything like "I just drove the new Sebring and I think I am going to get it"... Silly me... As I was leaving work around 4pm I called Jim to see what he was up to. He told me he was still at the Chrysler dealer checking out cars. I asked if he wanted me to meet him there, which he did. Well, the car was and is gorgeous. A dark metallic midnight blue, with a gray convertible top with matching leather/microfiber upholstery, and has all the bells and whistles Jim likes (except the seat warmers). He asked if I thought he should get it (trading in the 2005 Jeep with a lease for something he would actually own). I appreciated him asking, but told him it was totally up to him... He got it!!! and while he finished up with the paperwork, I ran over to the grocery (he never made it there, hehehe)...

So now we are the proud owners of his and his Sebring convertibles... Bring it on Spring and Summer!!!

We both had the day off yesterday and were out enjoying the 80+ degree afternoon, washing and detailing the twins (cars) in preparation for the overnight and all day rain today (of course)... With the dreary weather, I was able to clean the house today, so that Jim won't have to worry about it this weekend while I am working...

Otherwise things are fantastic... while out washing my car yesterday, I noticed some buds (green) coming out on some of the trees in the back yard... Yahoooo! Spring is almost here!!

That's it for now from my neck of the woods!
Over and "Out" from rainy Toano, VA

March 9, 2007

All Good Things...

I was off Tuesday and Wednesday this week. On Tuesday I got a call from my Dentist's office to remind me of my appointment on Wednesday (one that I made like 3 months ago and completely forgot about). Wednesday I got a call from my Cardiologist's office to remind me about my two appointments for Thursday (one for a nuclear stress test, and one for my annual cardiac inspection). Those appointments I made last year in May, for May of this year... Apparently they sent me a reschedule notification during the time I was moving and I never got it... It's all good. I called work and told them I would not be in on Thursday as I had to be up in Richmond for these appointments, no problem.
Well... Everything went well, although I understand my urine will be glowing for a couple of days. The only thing they saw on the stress test EKG and photos was the damage caused by my initial heart attack two years ago... Doctor told me to keep up the good work (watch cholesterol, exercise, and no smoking) and said he'd see me next year...
During the few hours between appointments, I stopped in to the VCF store in Richmond that I used to work in. I was met with hugs and handshakes from all... It was great to see my old team-mates and the office staff, it's been over six months since I transferred down to the store in Newport News. I also did some shopping, it's amazing what $100 can buy if you shop right. I got 2 dress shirts, 2 sweaters, a new suit, and a new pair of shoes for $96.24 (I see those raised eyebrows) I am a very frugal shopper folks, but I assure you these are designer items with the original store tags still on them... Ask me if you want to know more!
Anyway, I have been reloading software onto my computer, after a freak accident (don't ask). I believe I am back up and running...
Thanks for the warm welcome to my co-workers at VCF129, it was great seeing all of you too!
That's all for today folks!
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

March 2, 2007

Sunny & Cheer

Ah hah! I fooled you! This post is not going to be about Sonny & Cher, but rather the beautiful day we are having in central Virginia and the cheer it brings out in me... Now be honest, how many of you read the title as Sonny & Cher? Remember that word game where all the letters in the words are jumbled up (except for the first and last) and how easy it was to read? I loved that...

Anyhow... The morning started out rainy and windy and kinda gloomy. I just got back from a few errands and had to put the top of my Sebring down once the thermometer hit 70. There is not a cloud in the sky now and it feels like Spring! I sit composing this on the deck with a nice cold Miller Lite (I am off today, Friday for most of you, but Sunday for me) hey... It's five o'clock somewhere! The sunshine and breeze makes me feel so good all over.

We got a beautiful Mexican painting from a friend of ours this morning so it gave me yet another reason to head over to the Williamsburg Pottery. They have a wonderful framing department and I also wanted to get an American flag and yard flag to celebrate the arrival of Spring (go groundhog)... That place was disappointing the first time I went, but I do like meandering through it now. There are always cool things to find like this silk flower arrangement I found for our kitchen table for $9.99 (vase included):

What happy bright colors to compliment the reds, yellows and oranges all ready accenting the room...

As I was taking and uploading the picture, an F-18 Super Hornet just buzzed the house, he/she couldn't have been more than a couple hundred feet above the trees, scared the crap out of me and the dogs...
Now, where was I? Oh, talking about Spring and feeling good and everything... How envious you in the mid-west must be. I think one of the reasons I haven't posted so regularly is that Winter had me "down"... I do like the cooler temps and frozen precipitation (we didn't get much of that this year) but, I do appreciate the sunshine and warmth that March brings to this area. Soon all the dogwoods and forsythia will start blooming, I already have some bulbs (planted in the Fall) starting to peek up out of the ground... I can't for the life of me remember what I planted though...
Otherwise, life is good for me and mine... My daughter (the baby) turns 19 this month, and after her visit with us last weekend I am hoping she will come down more often. I like her new boyfriend, he seems to work hard and know how to enjoy himself when it doesn't interfere. A pleasant change from the last one... Jim and I are doing well... He hates the cold, so a few days like today (it is Friday for him) should do for him, what it's done for me today.
I have cardiologist appointment next week, and hope that goes as well as my annual check-up went with my new Doctor (bad cholesterol was a little high so he upped my Lipitor dose)... My new doc also told me I needed to schedule a colonoscopy (I hate being over fifty)...
That's all for now my friends,
Over and "Out" from sunny and cheerful Toano, VA