December 29, 2006

Sweet Talker???

This is a quiz I took after reading Six Shooter's blog and followed the link. Kinda fun, try it out for yourself:

Your (my) Seduction Style:

Sweet Talker

Your seduction technique can be summed up with "charm"
You know that if you have the chance to talk to someone...
Well, you won't be talking for long! ;-)

You're great at telling potential lovers what they want to hear.
Partially, because you're a great reflective listener and good at complementing.
The other part of your formula? Focusing your conversation completely on the other person.

Your "sweet talking" ways have taken you far in romance - and in life.
You can finess your way through any difficult situation, with a smile on your face.
Speeding tickets, job interviews... bring it on! You truly live a *charmed life*

Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

December 26, 2006

Crybaby Christmas

These were the words on the card given to me by Jim:

The more our story unfolds,
the happier I am that I chose you
and you chose me
to spend forever with.

The love we share is my haven,
my quiet center,
the best part of my world.

And you are at the heart of it all,
bringing out the beauty
in our ordinary days
reminding me how good life can be.

The more our story unfolds,
the more deeply
and completely
I love you...

And I hope your Christmas
will be as beautiful
as you have made my life.
(Jeannie Hund)

The rest doesn't matter, I cried like a baby when I opened it.

Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to all, and to all....

I have made a concerted effort (at work) to not say Happy Holidays, but instead to wish my customers a Merry Christmas...

I think it's just a little more personable and less PC... I have always prided myself (at least in my old life) of being politically correct, but I find that if the comment, greeting, salutation, whatever, comes from your heart, and is not hurtful, people respond positively regardless of their faith or beliefs.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all that stumble into (and/or purposely visit) "My New Life", including my children and X...

I work today, 1-5pm then Jim and I are off to a friend's home up in Richmond for a "family" get together at 8pm. Jim is off for the next week, and I have Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday off, so we are planning on re-doing the half bath/laundry room downstairs... I talked him into a very hot pink (it worked in my laundry room in Richmond) I hope it works as well...

Not sure how Jim celebrates (read as: opens presents) Christmas, but I guess I will find out in the next 24 hours (I do love surprises and him)...

All of you traveling for the holidays be careful and safe, all of you staying at home with (or without) your significant other, enjoy the warmth and love they share and that of your blogging family...

Over and "Out" on Christmas Eve, from Toano, VA

December 21, 2006

Christmas Shoes

Adding to my favorite Christmas time music... This one makes me cry almost every time I hear it. Click it and turn it up!
Over and "Out" on the 9th day of Christmas, from Toano, VA

December 18, 2006

Picture Day

We went over to York River State Park yesterday and took some pictures with friends, for friends and family:

Sheila, Me, Jim, and Henry

Me and Jim

Just me, being a ham!

Over and "Out" on the 6th Day of Christmas, from Toano, VA

December 17, 2006

And the nominations are:

I don't think I have ever been nominated for anything before - except for maybe "best Dad" by my own children when they were younger and before I came out to them...

Yesterday morning, while reading my favorite blogs, I noticed my stat counter was approaching 3,000. I thought to myself how cool it was that, almost 3,000 times, someone had happened upon my stories and my escapades in "My New Life". Well, this morning I noticed that the same counter had jumped to over 3,200 hits. What in the world happened???

It seems I was nominated for "best personal blog" on the "Best Gay Blogs" website.

Steven, a daily favorite blogger over at "Human Nature" , added my name and blog to the list of nominations, with a very poinient comment. Thanks Steven, your words mean alot to me, and give me reason to visit your site every day...

Being nominated by someone I admire is a huge compliment (and winning would be even more awesome). Be sure to visit these sites and nominate your favorites on "Best Gay Blogs" ...

Off to get another cup of coffee, Over and "Out", for now, from Toano, VA

December 13, 2006

No Virginia, there is not a Santa Claus

I was shopping online today and ran across these items at CafePress . So, when you are out and about in the Williamsburg/Newport News (VA) area and see one of these on a gold convertible, wave, it's probably ME!


Over and "Out" for today, from foggy Toano, VA...

December 12, 2006

Romantic Holiday Sleighride

This is not a paid advertisement, I drink Miller Lite

I don't ever remember seeing this on TV... What a "gas"!!

December 11, 2006

Henrico Circuit Court

I went to court today. While I have been sending money every month to my wife, she felt it necessary to get a court order to ensure it doesn't stop. I don't think anyone won, but it was interesting that her attorney was trying to enter into evidence pages from my blog...
I had a conversation recently, with a friend about the potential downfalls of posting my feelings and happenings in my life out here for the world to see, for my friends and family to read.
After today, while I thought about it briefly, I have ultimately decided to... NOT CHANGE A THING!!!
I say nothing on here that isn't true
I say nothing on here that is incriminating
I say nothing on here that is hurtful
I say nothing on here that I wouldn't want my Mom to see
I say nothing on here that I am embarrassed of
I say nothing on here I wouldn't tell anyone face-to-face
If there are people offended by what I say, they should comment or email me, so that I at least know where I went wrong and try to correct it.
If there are people out there that don't like what I say, or the tone of my writing, I suggest they not visit, or click on the little "x" if they have happened on my blog in error.
Otherwise, enjoy and celebrate "My New Life" with me (oh yeah, and I like the good comments too)...
Over and "Out" for today, from beautiful, sunny Toano, VA

December 9, 2006

A Holiday Thought...

A friend of mine sent me this in an email. What a wonderful thing to reflect on this Holiday Season:
As we grow up..We learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will.
You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.
You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.
So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.
Too many opportunities, too little time...
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

December 8, 2006

Life is a funny thing...

My newly found nephew and I have been emailing back and forth for the past few days and I realized today that I have not done a good job communicating with family I already have. Why is that? That the unknown is more intriguing than what we have? Is it just me?
I missed my brother's birthday on 12/4... I felt really bad even though I did follow up with an email... It's not the same... He has made some attempts to fix things between us, and I have been less than accommodating... I promised myself today I will do better.
I have some errands to run before my 3 day work weekend... So for now...
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA...

December 7, 2006

Where are you Christmas?

Ok, this is another of my Christmas favorites... Cindy-Lou-Whoo and Faith Hill...
Over and "Out" from chilly Toano, VA

States I have been to

I saw this map on Maddog's blog and decided to do my own (I know I am copying alot of other peoples' ideas, but hey... It's cool)...
The red states (including Puerto Rico) I have visited or traveled through.
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA

December 5, 2006

A Voice from the Past

Let me preface this post by telling you a little about my older brother Bill:

Bill was the "black sheep" of the family, he was the oldest of four boys and was constantly bucking the system and questioning the authority of our parents. He moved out when he was 17. The three other boys saw how our parents reacted to Bill's attitude and outlook and kept most of those adolescent urges to defy them, bottled up. Before Bill and I had a huge falling out (when I was about 23), I went to visit he and his wife in California. There are a few things that stand out in my memories of the visit. His wife was pregnant and very accommodating/friendly, they had a St. Bernard for a pet, and my brother seemed happy. About a year after that visit, Bill picked up and moved back to Florida, for whatever reasons, without his wife or son.

Fast forward - 20 years...

Bill has had a real problem with substance abuse for a number of years and calls me to let me know he has had a quadruple bi-pass, he is 42. I chalk it all up to years of abusing his body, and pay no mind. Three years later he dies of a heart attack, alone, in his place of work... He was 45.

Fast forward - 7 years (to present day)...

I am googling last week on my niece's name. She is the one I have referred to in the past, the one that founded One World Youth Project, and attends Georgetown University. There are always interesting articles about her when I google her name. Anyway, in addition to her name, an article from the Sacramento Business Journal comes up with a name I hadn't heard in years; Bill's son's name. Thinking it was probably a fluke, after I read the article, I did a quick white pages search on him, came up with nothing, and dismissed it. A couple days later I begin to wonder if this was really him. I mean surely his mom remarried and her new husband changed his surname? I went to the business website that the article referred to and searched for the location it said he had opened. I got an address and phone number and keep it in my pocket for a day. What if this wasn't him? What if it was? What if he wanted nothing to do with his fathers family? Do I really want to open up this can of worms? Too much thinking was going on (it's a scary thing when I think too much) so I called...

A voice came on and announced the name of the business, and the man asked how he could help me. I asked to speak with Adam. "This is Adam", he said. I introduced myself as Tom and asked if he was with a customer, so as not to really interrupt his business, he said he was. I then asked him if his Mom's name was Kim, and Father's Bill? He said yes to both. I then told him that I spelled my last name the same way that he did, and gave him my cell number if he was interested in calling me back and talking...

He called back about 15 minutes later, I told him who I was (his uncle). He was so receptive to hearing from me, so polite, and so respectful (things he must have gotten from his Mother). We talked a few times that day (in between his customers and mine) and vowed to keep in touch, which we have. His Mom has emailed me after she learned that I had made contact. They were unaware that Bill had passed away, and apparently Adam was upset by that.

Taking chances seems to be a common thread in the fabric of "My New Life". Meeting Jim, I took a chance, now finding a long lost nephew? Chances are a good thing if you take them now and then...

More to follow on this...

Over and "Out" for today, from Toano, VA

December 4, 2006

Thirty Five Questions Answered

Ok... ok... Kelly, over at "Rambling along in life" dared me (one of his two readers) to post answers to the following 35 questions, so here goes:
1. Ever punch someone in the face?
No, not in the face. Although I have hit someone in self defense, fighting is always my last choice.
2. How old are you?
38 with 13 years of experience (51).
3. Are you single or taken?
4. Eat with your hands or utensils?
Depends on what I am "eating" but I would say utensils normally.
5. Do you dream at night?
All the time, I even remember some of you from them.
6. Ever seen a corpse?
I have been to a few funerals (if that counts) and have been at the bedside of a few family members and friends as they passed, can we move on to the next question?
7. Have you ever wished someone dead?
8. Do You Like Bush?
I once voted for a Bush, I'll let you all try to figure out which one.
9. What's your philosophy on life?
I am with Kelly on this one "Live for the day and live like it was your last"...
10. If you could do anything with me (Kelly), and have no one know about it, what would it be? ??? hmmm, looking forward to seeing your answers on this one my dear readers
I wouldn't mind spending a "party" weekend with you, Jeff, your friends, and my love Jim.
11. Do you trust the police?
I have no reason not to.
12. Do you like country music?
Yeah, my wife turned me on to it, Jim is still on the fence, I think.
13. What is your fondest memory of me (Kelly)????
You were the first person to comment on my blog, and the first blogger I ever met in person, I'd say both.
14. If you could change anything about yourself would you?
Not a thing, I have lived a very rich fulfilling life so far (ok, maybe one or two things, but those are for me to know).
15. Would you date me (Kelly)???
Hmmm... We are both involved so I guess I don't need to answer that.
16. What do you wear to sleep?
My birthday suit, unless I have fallen asleep on the sofa (again).
17. Have you ever peed in a pool? While you were still in it?
Ok, yes and yes (I'm now officially embarrassed).
18. Would you hide evidence for me (Kelly) if I asked you to?
19. If I (Kelly) only had one day to live, what would we do together????
Party!!! (I'd hope you'd want to do the same if it were my last day).
20. What is your favorite thing about me (Kelly)?
I would agree with you Kelly, you have a great sense of humor.
21. Do you think I'm funny??? Gay funny or haha funny... hehehe
22. What's your favorite color?
23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be?
My Dad.
24. Tell me one interesting/odd fact about you?
My left foot is larger than my right.
25. What's your bra size?
Let me go check.
26. How many guys/girls have you been with?
A few (of each).
27. Who was your first?
Guy = Gary, Girl = Michele.
28. How old were you when you lost it?
Guy = 12, Girl = 20.
29. Do you hate anyone?
30. Do you wish you could be with someone right now?
I am with someone, have no reason to rethink either.
31. Are you thinking of someone?
Yes, and he knows who he is, I tell him all the time!
32. Do you miss anybody?
Yes... (enough said).
33. Do you shave any body parts?
I too manscape on a regular basis (and what is it with hair on my ears?)...
34. Do you like kissing?
No, I LOVE to kiss and be kissed!
35. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? Please answer and email it to me... (
Already emailed, will post when I hit "Publish Post"!
Over and "Out" for today, from Toano, VA!

December 1, 2006

My Birthday in Music

Ok, call me a copy-cat... Not that I remember all of these, but these are the #1 hits from September 18th through the ages (yes I am that old). Thanks for the idea my fellow bloggers (and no Kelly, I am not linking to the music):
1955 - Ain’t That A Shame - Pat Boone
1956 - Don’t Be Cruel/Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
1957 - That’ll Be The Day - Crickets
1958 - Bird Dog - Everly Brothers
1959 - Sleep Walk - Santo and Johnny
1960 - The Twist - Chubby Checker
1961 - Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee
1962 - Sherry - The Four Seasons
1963 - Blue Velvet - Bobby Vinton
1964 - The House Of The Rising Sun - The The Animals
1965 - Help! - The Beatles
1966 - Cherish - The Association
1967 - The Letter - The Box Tops
1968 - Harper Valley P.T.A. - Jeannie C. Riley
1969 - Sugar Sugar - The Archies
1970 - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross
1971 - Go Away Little Girl - Donny Osmond
1972 - Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me - Mac Davis
1973 - Delta Dawn - Helen Reddy
1974 - Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe -Barry White
1975 - Fame - David Bowie
1976 - Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry
1977 - Best Of My Love - The Emotions
1978 - Boogie Oogie Oogie - Taste Of Honey
1979 - My Sharona - The Knack
1980 - Upside Down - Diana Ross
1981 - Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
1982 - Jack & Diane - John Cougar
1983 - Tell Her About It - Billy Joel
1984 - Missing You - John Waite
1985 - Money For Nothing - Dire Straits
1986 - Stuck With You - Huey Lewis and the News
1987 - I Just Cant Stop Loving You - M Jackson and Siedah Garrett
1988 - Dont Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
1989 - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You - Milli Vanilli
1990 - Release Me - Wilson Phillips
1991 - I Adore Mi Amor - Color Me Bad
1992 - End Of The Road - Boyz II Men
1993 - Can't Help Falling In Love - UB40
1994 - I'll Make Love To You - Boyz II Men
1995 - Gangstas Paradise - Coolio
1996 - Macarena - Los Del Rio
1997 - Honey - Mariah Carey
1998 - I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
1999 - Unpretty - TLC
2000 - Music - Madonna
2001 - Im Real - JLo
2002 - Dilemma - Nelly & Kelly Rowland
2003 - Skae Your Tailfeather - Nelly, P Diddy & Murphy
2004 - Goodies - Ciara
2005 - We Belong Together - Mariah Carey
and finally:
2006 - Information is not available (the story of my life!)
I do this thing 52 times and the most current information is the only one missing? I know a lot of you youngsters recognize a few of the songs (from before the year your were born) above.
BOY am I OLD...
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA (I need to take a nap)