April 30, 2009

Stern: "Gays are the Bastards of the World"

Used without permission from Hot Topics:

"Howard Stern Defends Gays. Again."

"If you're a regular reader of this site, you've probably read the various opinion pieces I've written on why I think Howard Stern is one of the most openly pro-gay media figures on the planet."

"In my continued quest to convince Stern's non-listeners of this, I wanted to share a snippet from this morning's broadcast. It was one of those many moments on the show where Howard inserts an insightful, positive opinion on gays -- completely out of nowhere."

"He was reading his fan feedback email on the air and then went off topic, talking about how someone had just complained to him that the show had become "too gay." Here's the exchange between Howard and his co-hosts Robin Quivers and Artie Lange:

Howard: I was talking to someone recently and they said, 'Oh you have so many gay guests lately, the show is getting too gay.'

OK -- first of all, we don't have that many gay guests. And my feeling about gay people is that we have a responsibility not only to make gay marriage acceptable and to make gays feel as accepted as heterosexuals, but that we have to hold gay people above all others.

Robin: What the hell does that mean?

Howard: In other words, gay people are downtrodden. They're beaten and abused for their sexuality. And it goes across race – it's in the white community and the black community. Gay people are the bastards of the world. And in order for things to change – because anyone of you could have gay children, gay relatives or gay friends –

Robin: And in some countries, you can be put to death for being gay.

Howard: Yes. You know, it reminds [me] almost of the Jews in Europe. In Poland, Warsaw was one of the great cities of Europe. They had Jews and the Jews were very important to the culture of Poland, and elevated the society. And then when the Nazis came and cleaned them out, Poland became what is today – nothing. It's really…not much.

Now, gay people in our society are responsible for some of the most creative arts, and creative science Рand not just the Arts, because I don't want this to sound like a clich̩. What I'm saying is that they're contributors, they are people who want to thrive and they're artistic and they're free thinkers.

So I think we have a responsibility to make [gays] acceptable. We have to get past all this bullshit, so that some gay kid going to high school doesn’t get the shit beat out of him just because he's gay. And like, what is this hang up with gay marriage, you know? Who cares?!

I mean, we aired a clip yesterday where this guy was carrying on – he's petitioning, and he's devoting his whole life to making sure that gay marriage doesn't happen in his state. And I'm thinking, 'Geez, this man must have the most empty fucking life.' It's just such bullshit.

If you want to believe in God, that's great. But don’t buy into these religions that were created by man that have all these cockamamie rules that were created by some uptight douche bag.

Artie Lange: And God created gay people, so I don’t know what these religious nuts are even talking about. Look, you can become a Nazi and you could be mad at them for doing that. But you're not born a Nazi. Every type of person was created by God, so you love them and accept them. Some people think it’s a choice, being gay, but I really don’t think so. I mean, why would you choose to be downtrodden?

Robin: Why would you choose to get the shit kicked out of you?

Howard: Right.

That was it, and the dialogue was over. And that's the beauty of the Howard Stern show -- that he seamlessly inserted this progressive opinion on gay acceptance in between ridiculing Paris Hilton's self-indulgent Twitter posts and berating a show employee for eating a dead cockroach for $5.00. True, it's a strange setting to place these pearls of wisdom, but, oddly enough, that only makes the message that much more striking."
. . . . .

Now, personally I find Howard Stern repulsive and disgusting, but that is my opinion... I also believe he has every right to say what he wants. Thank goodness he makes sense sometimes.

Over and "Out" from the gayborhood in Portsmouth, VA

April 28, 2009

Air Force One twin Scares NYC

Ok this is what we all saw on the news.

Everyone is pointing a finger at someone else for the lack of information on the NYC fly-over-photo-op of Air Force One.

This is what we were supposed to see.

I believe it was a FAILED test flight of the newest version of the presidential aircraft. The "Stealth-Hybrid" version (see "Area 51" photo below of the planes side by side).

The information contained herein is classified "TOP Secret", so please don't share it with anyone. I understand that the first thing engineers needed to accomplish was to install the hybrid energy system. The Air Force One Hybrid uses more than 2,000 lead-acid batteries in a parallel hybrid team with its four regular jet engines. That means that the plane's engines rely on a combination of fuel and battery power to operate, making them work more efficiently and silently when necessary.

To keep the plane from relying on fossil fuels, Air Force One Hybrid's engines use a flexible fuel system. Every day, a special team collects used cooking oil from the White House, the Capitol building and other government-owned commissaries to be cleaned and reused as bio-fuel. In a pinch, and for areas where bio-fuels aren't readily available, jet fuel can still be used.

The government has had a hard time keeping the project classified. "There were so many people working on it, thankfully, it looks just like the regular version of the plane from the inside" said one White House official, "and the stealth technology hides the mint green Nike stripe over the longest "rainbow" sticker ever made on the outside, otherwise it might have gotten leaked prior to yesterdays mishap" (the rainbow sticker was added after Iowa became the 3rd state to legalize gay marriages and since Nike sponsors all AF1 events, the swoosh was manditory).

To make room for the massive numbers of lead-acid batteries that it takes to generate power for the aircraft engines and Klingon inspired cloaking device, something had to give.

One of the aircraft's two galleys, or in-flight kitchens, had to be removed. The plane still has an on board pharmacy, communications systems, self-defense systems and a soft-serve frozen yogurt and topping bar. Unfortunately, I understand they had to have the bowling alley removed, but have made room for a table-top basketball court instead.

While I would like to take credit for uncovering the real truth behind the failed NYC mission, I can't. Much of the information contained in my explaination has been used without permission from and

On it's way to NYC the 747 was seen as a distorted "mirror-like" blob in the sky over Portsmouth, VA! (over and "OUT").

April 27, 2009

Iowa Rocks!

Did you know, besides the third state in the union to allow same sex marriages (not including California's six months as that title holder), Iowa has a history of being in the forefront on social issues. It was among the first states to legalize interracial marriage and to allow married women to own property. It was also the first state to admit a woman to the bar to practice law and was a leader in school desegregation.

They had to "allow" married women to own property?

How many women attorneys do you know?

Thank goodness for states like Iowa.

Over and most definitely "Out" from Portsmouth, VA

April 23, 2009

The Return of Maddog...

I have only followed a few blogs since the beginning of my own. A Maddog in the City has always been on my reading list. Sometimes we all have things going on in our respective lives that keep us from posting as frequently as we do when we have the time and energy. MD has always been as regular as a morning BM. AND THEN IT STOPPED... He moved his site, tried something different, and just lost the inclination to post.

I, for one, am glad his ranting has returned! No, seriously, Welcome back Big Dawg!!!

On another topic, posting for me has been a little intermittent too. I totally understand some of the reasons for MD to lose interest for a while. I think the "Evil" comments from "Anonymous" kind of got to me. Some people don't realize how heartfelt some of the posts (we bloggers write) are. To some, it may seem that we are writing to gain attention, and there may be bloggers out there that are looking for just that, but for some of the better bloggers, this is our way to vent our frustrations, share our feelings, and channel our thoughts. I don't mind criticism, in fact I encourage constructive comments, what I do mind is thoughtless, evil minded babble. I should not have let it get to me...

All else is well in Virginia. Spring has most definitely Sprung and the tree pollen is playing havoc with the collective sinuses of most, but this too will end very soon...

More to come, Over and "Out" for today, from Portsmouth.

April 15, 2009

A Nightmare on Bain Street...

Ok, I promised a picture of Michael and me in front of the house weeks ago so here it is:

We wanted a picture of the two of us pretending to be mad at each other, this was the best we could do since that has never happened...

The other night, the friend that took the picture of us also captured what appears to be some sort of anomaly upstairs on the porch... Check out the two pictures that follow. They were taken with the same camera, same settings about one minute apart.

I have heard noises occasionally, perhaps the house has a "PAST" too...

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth VA

April 12, 2009


Last night someone from my past stumbled upon, or purposely visited my little slice of cyberspace and decided to leave some comments (rather nasty ones at that). My first instinct was just to delete them, but instead (as a firm believer in free speech, and other basic rights) I have decided to let whomever it was (Anonymous) come back and read the three comments they left for eternity...

There are always two sides (at least) to every story and to pass judgement on another human being without making any attempt to compile any additional information before rendering the verdict seems quite childish...

I don't have to justify anything to anyone, especially to one or ones that don't even have the guts to identify themselves. Additionally, being called a "Faggot" by anyone I don't know is a meaningless, hurtless expression.

On the other hand, by using the mediocre intelligence, vocabulary, and writing skills they apparently possess, says more about them, than me... I would also be interested in why they were intrigued enough to spend over four hours on their connection reading countless entries on my site, but maybe that's just the "Faggot" in me?

Happy Easter to all...

Over and "Out" from the bunny patch here in Portsmouth, VA

April 6, 2009

NEVER be Late...

A friend of mine sent me this story...

A Priest was being honored at his retirement dinner after 25 years in the parish. A leading local politician and member of the congregation was chosen to make the presentation and to give a little speech at the dinner.

However, he was delayed, so the Priest decided to say his own few words while they waited:

'I got my first impression of the parish from the first confession I heard here. I thought I had been assigned to a terrible place. The very first person who entered my confessional told me he had stolen a television set and, when questioned by the police, was able to lie his way out of it. He had stolen money from his parents, embezzled from his employer, had an affair with his boss's wife, taken illegal drugs, and gave VD to his sister. I was appalled. But as the days went on I learned that my people were not all like that and I had, indeed, come to a fine parish full of good and loving people.'...

Just as the Priest finished his talk, the politician arrived full of apologies at being late. He immediately began to make the presentation and gave his talk:

'I'll never forget the first day our parish Priest arrived,' said the politician. 'In fact, I had the honor of being the first person to go to him for confession.'...

Moral: Try to never, ever BE LATE!

Over, "Out", and On TIME, from Portsmouth, VA

April 1, 2009

Equality Virginia Dinner

I went to this event last year and it was grand. It was nice to attend a function that celebrated our uniqueness while also focusing on our "sameness"...

If any one reading this has the opportunity to attend this Saturday, I strongly reccomend it!

Info for ticket purchase.

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA