February 18, 2010

Four Years...

I can hardly beleive that I have been doing this for four years...  February 16th was the five year anniversary of my "cardiac episode" and a year less for "My New Life". Wow!

For those of my blogging friends that have read me from the beginning (Kelly) I thank you for your encouragement to keep on posting...  For those of you that, for what ever reason, have stumbled on to my little piece of the web, I hope you have enjoyed the trials and tribulations of a gay man coming out in America. 

Sometimes I flip through some of my older posts and the emotions (felt at the time I wrote the entry) return in full force.  Other times I say to myself:  "Why in the world would you write about that?" I was truly wearing my feelings on my shirtsleeves sometimes, and didn't always have to be so honest...

I have also connected, read, and commented on others' blogs, that have or are going through similar situations in their lives.  This place has also afforded me friendships I otherwise would never have made...  I'll never forget posting a comment on one of these friends' page, and a short time later receiving a hand made, blue and red, scarf in the mail...  Thanks MD!!

Anyway... While my posts these days are not as often or mixed up as they once were, I will continue to fill in the blanks here, as time permits. Another blogger suggested once, that most people blog as a way to vent and socialize at the same time. And that once they find that "Happy Place" they seem to disappear.  It's true in a way as I have found a "Happy Place" and I seem to have less time for posting and less things to vent about, but...  I will continue, as writing is still a very therapedic outlet for me...

Thanks again to All!

I remain: Over and most certainly "Out", here in Portsmouth, VA