December 30, 2008

2008 Ball Drop

Just in case anyone missed it earlier this year or needs a reminder to get the party started:

Over and "Out" on the Eve of New Year's Eve from Chesapeake, VA

December 23, 2008

Christmas is Here!

For those of you that also read Kelly's blog please forgive me for being a copy-cat.... Kelly, thanks for letting me plagiarize your site once again. You come up with some good sheet my friend. I hope for those of you out there without a smile on your face yet, this will help brighten your day and the next few:

Over and "Out" on the eve of Christmas Eve, here in Chesapeake, VA

December 19, 2008

Another Milestone

Who would have ever "thunk" that my little place on the web would ever get:

Some time late yesterday it happened...

I started this as a way to communicate with my family and friends I lost in the coming out process. Today I have a whole other reason to continue posting... I find it very therapeutic and also find that by sharing my experiences, in writing, I am helping others that are going through things that, while different in each case, have similar frustrations. We are not in this alone, as I found when I started this journal back in February of 2006. I was tagged by several guys that had already gone through the process back then and they were so encouraging and supportive that I never stopped writing.

Thank you all for visiting "My New Life" and helping me through all my ups and downs...

Over and "Out" 19,000 hits later, from Chesapeake, VA

December 18, 2008

Feelin' Like a Kid

This holiday has me feeling a little childlike again... My "Bio-Pop" turns 75 on the 21st and it reminded me that I received a snapshot of myself from him when I was like, 18 months old. The following are the "before" and "after" my 50 some-odd Christmases:

Me in 1957

Me in 2007

I am enjoying this year alot. It may be that I am finally comfortable being single, and it may be that I have the right mixture of friends and family in my life... Who knows?...

Over and "Out" from Chesapeake, VA

December 12, 2008

Offensive and Optimistic...

After the last post i realized that Shirley Q may be offensive to some. I certainly hope it was not. I just found it and some of the other videos of her on YouTube very entertaining in a somewhat "potty humor" way...

Onward and upward! The new man in my life has proven to be quite addictive... We spent the better part of my weekend together and really got to know each other a little better... We had planned to get together again last night for dinner and possibly go to the HRBOR monthly event, but the storms down this way prevented me from getting into my car to meet him in Norfolk.

On the other hand, the time apart after spending so much time together gave me (and I suppose him too) some time to reflect and ponder where this might be headed... All I know is that I missed him last night and then again this morning... I missed his "boys" too (they are two of the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).

Anyway, it's Monday for me so there will be some additional "pondering" time before I get to see him again. I am very optimistic and hope he is as well!

Over, "Out" and optimistic, from Chesapeake, VA

December 11, 2008

Shirley Q Liquor

Too funny not to share!

Over and "Out" from just another Homosexical in Chesapeake, VA

December 10, 2008

Middle of the Week (end)

It is Wednesday to most, but it's Saturday for me. I have been laying low for a bit, as I have been having conflicting feelings about some people I have met... I'm sure my situation is not unique, but I have been at a stalemate as to how to handle it. I have been seeing someone on and off for a couple of months now... I really LIKE the guy, but am almost positive I could not LOVE him in a way that could lead to anything serious. I hate being driven by "chemistry" sometimes, it so gets in the way of romance. He is extremely nice, thoughtful, and intelligent, but I just don't "feel" anything more than potentially a really good friendship. On the other hand, I think he has stronger feelings towards me...

Then comes the monkey wrench, I have been chatting and talking with another guy for the past couple of weeks. Again, an extremely nice, thoughtful and intelligent guy. Only problem is he did not choose to share a picture of himself. Usually a negative in my experience, although I did meet Jim without knowing what he looked like a few years back. As the story unfolds, I had dinner with him last night and immediately felt the "sparks"... I could get very serious about this guy if I let myself...

More to come for sure.

Over and "Out" from my neck of the woods in Chesapeake, VA

December 4, 2008

Prop 8, The Musical

I'm sure that some have seen this already, but at 6:00am it was definately a great was to start my day!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

Over and "Out" from Chesapeake, VA

December 2, 2008

December Already?

The "Black" weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) was not all we had hoped it would be... We ended up about 15% down from last year's sales numbers. While at work yesterday I was thinking of things we could have done differently and I came up with nothing...

About half of our sales staff is relatively new, and I suppose the experience factor has something to do with being able to juggle a couple of customers at a time. I think we "walked" some potential buyers by not being ready when they were...

With Thanksgiving week and all the prep for this past weekend, I ended up screwing myself out of a day off. So I am doing a partial day (going in for a staff meeting later) today and taking my two days off tomorrow and Thursday... I needed the mental health day! I also have not posted on here much lately and was reminded of that last night when my old friend Joe, in Florida, asked me why I hadn't written much in the past few months.

I guess the answer to Joe is that I have been busy... I have been concentrating on things at work, spending some of my down time helping with theHROC website and event calendar, and also trying to date some... Ahhhh... Yes I said the date word. Through my participation in the HROC, I have met a lot of new people, some of whom I have even dated. I have also been seeing another guy that definitely piques my interest. I guess I am still having trouble with the trust factor. For my entire life I have relied on this thing I have... call it intuition, gut, ESP, or just blind luck... but it has always served me well when meeting new people I either like them, or don't almost immediately (I know, how shallow huh?). After the past couple of attempts at the boyfriend thing, I have found that, what ever this thing is that I have, doesn't seem to be working so well... So I am second guessing myself and as a result, have put up some "shields". Something that I have never done, or had to do, in the past... It's frustrating to say the least. I think it will pass with time, or at least I hope it will...

Anyway... On to December and the Holidays. I spent Thanksgiving Day with my boss and her family. It was awesome... Today I am heading over to the local HomoDepot to pick out an artificial Christmas tree, a few ornaments, some lights, and I think I will just do some cool bows on it... Simple yet elegant is the look I am headed for. I'll try to upload a picture when it's done. My room mate has never decorated for the holidays, so I started with just a few things at Halloween, then transitioned into Fall, and now to Christmas... I need this more for me, than anyone else I think. I even went to and bought a couple of holiday CD's so I can listen to them while decorating...

Ok, I hope that wets every ones whistles as to the happenings here in Chesapeake. I actually feel better now too, this posting thing can be like a good therapy session sometimes!

Over and "Out" from Chesapeake, VA