September 10, 2015

Countdown to 60 - Part 8 (and probably the last)

Is this really what 60 candles looks like on top of a perfectly good cake?

One week from tomorrow is the 60th anniversary of my birth... In reality that means that I will be starting my 7th decade on this earth on the same day... Ok, I prefer turning 60 to the latter...

Just a number, right??? I keep saying that to myself to try to "ease my pain". It even works sometimes.

The best parts of this whole turning 60 thing and of 2015 in general can be summed up in this short statement:

In March I met a guy that I absolutely adore and could be happy with for a a very long time. In May I found out I am going to be a grandfather again, and finally, in August my #3 son and I started the mending process, healing wounds that were inflicted almost ten years ago... 

Life could not be better!

Over and "Out" from a good place, here in Richmond, VA...