October 26, 2009


Geoff, over at Life and Times of a Gay Guy featured my little piece of the web on his podcast this week...  Thank you Geoff, as most of us know it's not all about recoginition, but it is always nice to be acknowledged...  I have been doing the "blogging" thing since 2006, and while the words I post are mostly for my own gratification, I am always happy to hear that they touch a chord with someone that is about to go through what I have experienced (or something closely related)...  I have truly experienced some wicked ups and downs over the years (of exposing my thoughts and feelings in here)..  But I have never regretted a single word typed, or implied...  I am, who I am, and always consider the the implications before I post... 

For those that follow me, that have never listened to a podcast, I highly recommend Geoff's at the link above. If nothing else, you will experience the sexiest voice I have heard in years!  Go there, and Do that!!

Regards and "OUT" from the laundryroom here in Portsmouth, VA

October 24, 2009

DC Was not like this...

Most people know how I feel about this song by Lilly Allen... A friend on Bookface sent me this and I just had to share another video (with the same song)... There's another with Bush (yes GW Bush) that I still may post at another date... But for now, enjoy (you can turn the captions off, if they show in the video, by clicking the button on the bottom right)...

Over and Oh...   Sooo....  Out... from Portsmouth, VA

October 20, 2009

Matt Alber "End of the World"

Ok, enough with the political entries...  The March in DC was fantabulous, and so was the time I (we) got to spend with Jessica and Frank...

I saw this video probably about a year ago and thought I had posted it here at some time, but appearantly I did not.  Enjoy:

Over and "Out" from our sun drenched front porch, here in Portsmouth, VA

October 15, 2009

One More Reason...

In the middle of this musical montage there is a another picture of the rainbow that appeared:

Over and "Out" and off to work, from Portsmouth, VA

October 13, 2009

More on the National Equality March

This was one of the most moving speeches/performances of the entire program at the steps of the Capital:

Staceyann Chin is a spoken word poet performing artist and political activist. She wrote a poem about equality and the need to march for our rights in D.C. The video was produced and directed by Jeremy Kotin.

She had the crowd pumped...

Some more pictures:

Michael and I at the reflecting pool in front of the capital looking back on the mall.

This was the core gang (L-R) Me, Frank, Michael, and my niece Jessica. We had to stop as we passed the White House for a photo-op... Here is a link to all of Frank's pics on Facebook (you will need a Facebook account to sign on).

Thanks again Jess, for putting up with the three of us in your limited space, YOU ROCK!

No doubt I will have more to say about our trip and experiences as time and energy permits, but that's all for today!

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA

October 12, 2009

National Equality March

The weekend was FANTASTIC!  Michael, Frank (a mutual friend) and I headed out and up to DC on Saturday morning, arriving at Jessica's (my niece) at a little after 1:00pm.  We got our stuff into her apartment, met a friend of her's, then set out for Dupont Circle (She and her friend had plans for the afternoon).  She lives on Scott Circle, about 2 blocks from HRC Headquarters, so we hit the HRC gift store for some equality trinkets before heading to Dupont...

As the afternoon and evening progressed we all soaked in the crowds (and possibly a liitle too much alcohol). There is a story or two there that I may (or may not) post in here one day....

Sunday morning came way too early.  Jess has a huge group of friends in DC and one was hosting a brunch and protest poster making party before the march.  This is Jess and I with one of the creations:

My eyes were still a little sensative from the late night we had Saturday...  After the posters were completed we headed to the Metro for the ride up to the starting point for the march.  It was awesome, there were thousands of people from all walks of life with all sorts of related causes to protest and march for.  Right before we started to actually move (it took about a half hour for our part of the march to actually start moving as we were about 1/2 way back), Michael looked up over the trees and saw this shining down on the park we were staging in:

A Rainbow, in the middle of a relatively clear sky showed up over us.  How frigging cool is that? Everyone started pointing up at it, like it was truly a sign of sorts...  The march was about 2 miles I would guess, and this is what the front of the capital looked like by the time we arrived:

Behind us is a reflecting pool and then the mall.  The marchers filled in all the empty space you see above and then started flowing out onto the mall.  Rainbow and Equality flags were everywhere, not to mention the thousands of signs and posters...

I work today til close, but will try to post more pictures later.  Frank took hundreds and has promised to forward them to me...

Over and "Out" from back in Portsmouth.

October 2, 2009

Facebook and Farm Town

Ok, now I know what people mean when they say Facebook is addictive.  Michael and I have both been connecting and reconnecting with all sorts of friends over there.  As a result I have been here on the blog a little less often.

I still get over here to read my favorites, but seem to have less to actually post about.

And then there's Farm Town...  Michael is totally addicted.  I started up a farm just so he could get to the next level (he needed just one more neighbor at the time).  Now I catch him plowing and planting my fields, buying me more land, a house, barn and more animals than any farm should have...  He was on the front porch the other night with both laptops switching from one to the other...  It's actually quite entertaining to watch him...

Speaking of entertaining, a friend (Frank) on Facebook sent us both this video. I nearly fell out of my chair watching it:

Over and "Out", one week away from the National Equality March, October 10th and 11th (in DC), from my little world here in Portsmouth, VA