June 14, 2006

Flag Day 2006

Happy Flag Day... Is that a real greeting? Probably not, but it is now...

It was a rainy day here in Richmond VA today. I am glad I went down to the James River yesterday. I took my roommates 2 Boston Terriers over to North Bank Park. By the end of our trek out to the river they both just laid down in the water... It was truly a funny sight. Today I ran a couple errands, did some laundry, had lunch with a new friend from the church I went to this past Sunday, then came home and read/napped. It was a good day to do absolutely nothing if you could.

Tomorrow it's back to the retail grind for a 12 hour stint. I do look forward to my days off, but also like going back to work too... One of my good friends at work has shaved his head, I am looking forward to seeing that!

Be good until next time... Over and "Out"...

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