June 9, 2006

VCU's Alltel Pavilion at the Siegel Center was packed last night. It was Hermitage High School's 54th commencement exercise - my little girl's High School graduation. I could not be more proud of her or of the Henrico County Public School System. I have two son's that fumbled through the Miami-Dade School System, while they did graduate, it was not the most positive experience and neither felt compelled to continue their education. I have a son and a daughter that attended private schools in Miami, before moving here, then Middle and High Schools here in Virginia. My son will be a sophomore at VCU in the fall, and my daughter has decided to start her higher education at J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College, also in Henrico County.

Before going, my daughter called me to tell me where she would be sitting so I could get a seat close by. She also conveyed a message from her Mom to not sit near them, as she wasn't sure how my son would react to seeing me. My son has not talked to me since October. He was unhappy that I decided to leave my wife, and even more so that I came "out". Personally I think it just gave him other reasons to dislike me, which he already did. I think back to my late teens and I didn't much care for my Dad either. Fortunately that changed, we actually became good friends before he died. I am not as optimistic with my situation, but I still love my son and watched him last night as he attempted to take charge, trying to get good seats for his Mom, Grandmother, and step-sister. There was a rush that came over me as I saw him and watched from across the pavilion. I realized how proud I was to be the parent of both of these young adults.

I believe everything happens for a reason. My coming out late in life allowed me to have, raise and influence these two souls. I would never change that. They will both make a difference in the world we live in. I hope I can do the same in "My New Life".

Enough for now... Over and "Out" from Richmond VA...

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john said...

Your son will come around. I was told that hate is a product of love. You cannot "hate" someone without having loved them first.
And I'm thinking part of "dislike" comes from peer pressure--to have everything normal, to be part of that suburban dream.

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