August 2, 2006

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is a funny movie, even though the first time I saw it, with my step-daughter, I fell asleep through parts of it. I own it on DVD now and watch it frequently .
The time has come for me to make some adjustments in my life... I have interviewed and been accepted in a transfer to our store in Newport News (for those of you unfamiliar with VA, that is where they build the big ships down towards the ocean from Richmond). There just aren't many reasons to stay here in Richmond. So, I am moving down to Williamsburg, to be close to the guy I love, and continue "My New Life" there.
There will be some raised eyebrows over my decision to move, but I think it's best for me, and that's what matters. It has been almost a year since I moved out, so I don't feel I have made a hasty call. Anyway, it's my movie, I am the Producer, Director, and lead Actor, let me make it the way I see fit!
I would be so lucky to have it turn out as fun as h2g2...
Over and "Out" from my neck of the Galaxy

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Dan Uhler said...

Hey Tom!

Sure do miss ya! Sounds like life is treating you well (other than ex-wife, tree, etc.) Legal complications from my DUI keep me busy, but I'm hanging in there. Shoot me an email sometime... And let's play pool again!!


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