October 19, 2006

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Ok.... I know.... Too many days between posts.

Jim and I received two complimentary passes to Busch Gardens (this past Sunday). I had never been, so we spent most of the afternoon/evening walking, window shopping, exploring, and people - one of my favorite past-times - watching. Oh yeah, we rode a few coasters too, starting with Apollo's Chariot, first in the front car - then in the rear. We did the same for Alpengeist, including one time in the dark, and finally the original Loch Ness Monster.

In between we met up with the couple that got us the passes and joined them for a private beer tasting - She works for Busch at their resort and spa in Williamsburg. We learned how to prepare a glass properly for beer, how to pour it correctly (not that I pour beer into anything other than my mouth). Additionally, we got to taste a few new concoctions coming out soon to a grocery or ABC store near you. Seems Mr. Busch was down last week and wanted the hostess at our sampling to give him some direct feedback on the new stout "Bare Knuckle" when it is layered in a glass with a more traditional ale (like Michelob Amber or Budweiser Select) in "black and tan" fashion. We were all happy to oblige...

I will be painting the living room today, RED... I have all the prep work done, and Jim started on the trim work last night while I was working.

We are doing great! While we are getting more comfortable with each other, we still have a honeymoon atmosphere that feels wonderful... We spend most of our free time together and still haven't gotten too much of each other... A good sign, since I plan on being near him for a long time!!

More soon!!!

Over and "Out" from Toano, VA


Kevin said...

LOVE a good coaster!

Mark said...

Hate any coaster........but that's just me.

So how did you guys decide on the color red and which shade of red. Geoff and I have been going round and round about what shade of red to use on two walls. Also the downstairs is painted a moss green which is fine in the summer but about March I'm quite depress with it.......any suggestions.


Tom said...

The livingroom was already red (well kinda, it was a washed out looking red) I picked "Radish" it's going on very nicely and is exactly what I had hoped for. We have an area rug that will go back in there after the new furniture comes tomorrow, it has triangle shapes of different deep colors, blue, green, gold, and red. The red on the walls is to compliment the rug... The rest of our downstairs (including ceilings) is like a "wet sand" color grey/green/taupe, the trim is all pure white, and the accents all over are RED!!!

Have fun, I got the paint at Sherwin Williams and used their color wheel...


jason said...

Like roller-coasters, don't like the motion sickness...oh well. At least you had a good time.

And you guys are just the cutest darn things...all lovey, and warm and cutesy...

Stop it.

(I'm kidding. I think it's GREAT that you've found someone one!!)

kevin said...

It's great to hear that you and Jim are still going good. You guys keep at itas you both sound like you are enjoying yourselves.

Your trip to the park sounds awesome and i think that theres nothing better than rounding off a day window shopping and taking a gentle stroll. I hope that you didnt go into too many shops and spend too much.

Have you managed to pour any more beers?
Kev in NZ

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