October 26, 2006

Ok it's Official, I'm Gay!

Remember the line in "Steel Magnolias" about all gay men having "Track Light'n"? Well, I must be gay then... I installed track lighting in the kitchen yesterday. Not the boxy square flat tracks, but a curvy piece of modern art with brushed metal fixtures that meanders it's way across the ceiling. Oh yeah, I even added a dimmer so as to make sure my "gay card" never gets revoked.

Meanwhile, Jim and I spent an hour or so moving some art around in the entry hall and living room to finish off the look we were trying for. It turned out great. The final result is the living room has some very traditional elements, with some very contemporary pieces in it. It's done for now!

While at the grocery yesterday, I found a cute little yard sign for Halloween. It is a scarecrow with small signs with arrows that says "Welcome to our Patch". Since my schedule at work changes on Monday, I will be home on the 31st, so I thought it appropriate to decorate a little for the trick-or-treaters. I thought about doing this:

But rethought it after I realized how many $4.99 pumpkins I would need to buy to fill the bodies. Still, a very cute idea, maybe next year? I am working the next few days so expect a small delay in posts, unless something really exciting happens.

Over and "Out" for now, from Toano, VA!

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Kendall said...

I just bought a new home this summer and have had so much fun preparing for the holidays with decorations!

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