November 12, 2006


Well, it took about three days to re-adjust to the east coast time zone... We got back Tuesday night, I worked a 12 hour shift Wednesday, then was off Thursday and Friday... Thank God!!!

I didn't realize until Friday morning that I was still somewhat sleep deprived. I usually get up with Jim around 5am and spend time with him before he heads out to work. I couldn't get my lazy ass out of bed on Friday, and ended up sleeping until about 8.30... Never even heard him leave... What a sloth I am.

Yesterday I was supposed to work an 8 hour stint, but went in for the full 12... I was astonished to see and hear that Christmas was installed while I was gone. I forget sometimes that I work retail and that "the season" accounts for so much of most retailers profits. With the Veterans Day holiday mixed in, we were pretty busy, which is also a good thing...

I know I promised some Vegas stories, and I will deliver them, I swear! But for now I am going to just get something on here, as many of you must think I went AWOL after my return...

I did follow the election results, and like most of you am pleased to see that Congress will be shifting aisles... I was thrilled for those in AZ that managed to defeat a proposal to amend their constitution defining marriage, while we here in VA just reinforced our already provincial ways by adding one to our constitution (written originally by Thomas Jefferson). That's in case we didn't already know it was against the law for same sex couples to marry. In doing so, we have also created a legal mine field of new questions for the straight couples of our commonwealth that prefer not to marry, for what ever reason. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out over the next few years.

Otherwise life is good in Toano. While I have not been posting all that much, I have been reading my favorite blogs. Keep up the posts guys and gals!!

Over and "Out" from Toano, Virginia


Maddog said...

Welome back to east coast time. It took me more than a week to get sorted out when I flew back in July. Can't wait to hear the Vegas story. Have a great week.

kevin said...

Dont you just hate that jetlag feeling! I have had it too but mine is through doing nightshifts so I understand exactly what you are going through!

So you work in retail. I would not like to be doing your job at this time of year.

Kev in NZ

buff said...

Glad you're back and have adjusted to jet lag. Yea, that can be a bummer.

Also big hairy muscle hugs of welcum to GayMENRule. WOOOF.

Hoping the retail holiday season isn't too stressful. Thanks for sharing.

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