December 11, 2006

Henrico Circuit Court

I went to court today. While I have been sending money every month to my wife, she felt it necessary to get a court order to ensure it doesn't stop. I don't think anyone won, but it was interesting that her attorney was trying to enter into evidence pages from my blog...
I had a conversation recently, with a friend about the potential downfalls of posting my feelings and happenings in my life out here for the world to see, for my friends and family to read.
After today, while I thought about it briefly, I have ultimately decided to... NOT CHANGE A THING!!!
I say nothing on here that isn't true
I say nothing on here that is incriminating
I say nothing on here that is hurtful
I say nothing on here that I wouldn't want my Mom to see
I say nothing on here that I am embarrassed of
I say nothing on here I wouldn't tell anyone face-to-face
If there are people offended by what I say, they should comment or email me, so that I at least know where I went wrong and try to correct it.
If there are people out there that don't like what I say, or the tone of my writing, I suggest they not visit, or click on the little "x" if they have happened on my blog in error.
Otherwise, enjoy and celebrate "My New Life" with me (oh yeah, and I like the good comments too)...
Over and "Out" for today, from beautiful, sunny Toano, VA


Joshua said...

Sounds fair enough to me :)

Kelly said...


Maddog said...

Keep doing what your doing. That's why we read you. It is your blog and as long as your not hurting anyone else, do what you want.

. said...

Sounds like you and I have a lot in common. I am adding you to my blogroll so I can keep closer tabs on you!

stumpjumper said...

Just found your site. I agree with every thing you said in this post. I have gone through a similar situation with my Ex who, dumped me after 30 years for another guy.

As someone once said "truth is just truth, you can't have opinions about truth!"

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