December 8, 2006

Life is a funny thing...

My newly found nephew and I have been emailing back and forth for the past few days and I realized today that I have not done a good job communicating with family I already have. Why is that? That the unknown is more intriguing than what we have? Is it just me?
I missed my brother's birthday on 12/4... I felt really bad even though I did follow up with an email... It's not the same... He has made some attempts to fix things between us, and I have been less than accommodating... I promised myself today I will do better.
I have some errands to run before my 3 day work weekend... So for now...
Over and "Out" from Toano, VA...

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kevin said...

I occassionally forget birthdays and special family events. I usually put it down to being a man. I think we are not programmed as well as women to remember those sorts of things.

I hope your three day weekend at work goes ok.

Oh, during my trip to New York, i saw a bus leaving for Virginia and i thought about you...Im not sure if it went to Toano though.

Kev in NZ

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