April 4, 2007

I can see your house from here!

This is my current desktop photo:

You can read so much into it, if you want... Every time I look at it and think about it I see something and think of something different... This morning it reminded me of an old joke I once heard (which I will not share unless you email me and ask for it) that can be religiously offensive to some... Oh, by the way that's me on the left and Jim on the right!!! (click here for the joke)
I have added a couple of new blogs to the ones I read every day... There are so many good writers out there in our "community". I wish I felt as comfortable with words as some of them are. One day I will add a blog roll to my page so that you can see all the great sites I visit. I signed up for blog rolling, I am just unsure how to apply it to my blog and make it look right. I haven't made many changes to the format of my site, mainly because I'm afraid I'll put something on it that can't be "undone". Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I got the lime down yesterday and planted some perennials in some of the drabber looking beds out front... This morning I got the nicest compliment on the yard and house from the delivery team from Value City Furniture, that were here to pick up part of our sectional for repairs. They both said (more than once) how nice the yard looked and what a beautiful home we had... Nice to hear after the past couple of strenuous days working in the gardens and on the lawn.
It's very overcast today, and the plan is to clean the inside... I used to own my own housekeeping service, so I can still turn that mindset on every now and then. I pretend it's not my house and I get a lot more cleaning done, in less time... It's usually when I have the homeowner hat on that I see the little chip in the paint, stop cleaning, and sand and paint the spot before I resume cleaning, if I ever get back to it... There's always something else to be done it seems, especially when I am doing something as mundane as housework...
OK, well I am off for now... I hear the toilets calling my name!
Over and "Out" from my neck of the woods here in Toano, VA


Maddog said...

If you need to do some housekeeping you can always stop by my house.

You should take some pictures of your yard, it would be great to see you work.

Peter said...

May I complement you on that photo, it certainly 'says' something different each time you look at it.

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