June 9, 2007

Not Quite Ready

Well, it didn't happen... We were originally supposed to open the new store up on 6/7... That got changed to 6/9 (today) and now it looks like it will open while I am on vacation down in Corolla (the Outer Banks) possibly on Wednesday. All through no fault of our own.
The contractor handling the demolition and reconstruction of the building apparently neglected to get the permit to install the fire system. They did the work thinking the permit had been pulled and then realized it hadn't, and when the city came for a periodic inspection, the inspector had a cow when he found out... That was just part of the delay... The Value City set-up crew (including the new store's management team) started taking trailers of floor samples on Friday of last week, all through the weekend and all week long, with the last delivery yesterday. The entire floor is set up, tagged and accessorized, and ready for opening... But there are too many things unfinished with the building.
By Thursday, the contractor was starting to sweat... The new store management was asked to leave the building until completion. I guess the contractor felt the pressure and didn't want any conflicting directions being communicated to his people... I had been working 14 days straight by then, so I welcomed the down time.
Yesterday afternoon I received the call that we would not be opening today. I really wanted to be a part of the "Hoop-La" on grand opening day, but guess I will miss it... It will all be there when I get back next Sunday...
I am hoping we have wireless service in the house down on the beach, if so I will post with some pictures of the beach, pool, and parties!!
Over and "Out" for now, from Toano, VA

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Doug said...

Have a great vacation. I'm sure you'll be glad to not be there for the first day hoopla. Fifth-day hoopla should be sufficient. :)

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