June 26, 2008

Gay Pride or Rainbow Flag?

The gay pride flag, which made it's debut at the 1978 San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade, was designed by Gilbert Baker. It's inspiration came from the black civil rights and hippie movements. The original flag had eight stripes from top to bottom: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, indigo/blue, and violet. Within a year, the flag had shed two of its stripes—pink and turquoise. According to Gilbert, they "ran out of pink dye." and the turquoise stripe was later taken out to create an even number of stripes on the flag.
Each color on today's gay pride flag (also known as the rainbow flag) has a different meaning. Test your knowledge below.
RED = Life
ORANGE = Healing
YELLOW = Sunlight
GREEN = Nature
BLUE = Harmony
VIOLET = Spirit

Adding a black stripe to the bottom of the flag represents victory over AIDS. It can also signify leather daddy pride.


Maddog said...

I've never heard of leather daddy pride, but it sounds fun to me.

Jonathan said...

Great information. Now I can show off to my straight friends when they joke about us stealing the rainbow from leprechauns, Christians, and rainstorms.


Thomas said...

I had no idea that the colors had meaning. Thanks for that, much better than the hankie code.

buff said...

Leather Daddy pride is a feeling of nuturing and caring.

For me, giving Mega hairy muscle hugs is one way to physically express it.

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