June 30, 2008

Pride 2008

This picture is from Kelly's Blog and will stay at the top of my page through the month of June. It is a challenge of sorts to see how many people post it, and how far it travels. Copy and paste it to your page and "gay it forward" by adding a unique story about your "gayness"! Oh and don't forget to let me or Kelly know where you posted it, he is keeping track...

Current posts follow this entry:

Rather than post a "coming out" story, mine is more a "Living Out" story. Click here to go to it.


Kelly said...

First of all, THANKS! You are the first... and second, that is an awesome story... you should be very proud... thank you for being you!! Happy Pride Month

Maddog said...

What a great post. Very well said. And thanks for reminding me about Kelly's June challenge. It's how I found him in the first place along with several other blogs I read two years later.

Anonymous said...

It is always GREAT to connect to other people on a different level than what you may be used to dealing with. I think that is what brings us all together. Keep up the positive ideas; that is what is going to change the attitudes of the next generation so that we can think and believe as one human race!


Thomas said...

What an inspiring experience to have shared. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Thomas for stopping by my posting of this pic. and my coming out story! That was great! I think it is so cool that you are best friends with your ex! I think mine likes me OK, but his religious tunnel vision keeps him from really befriending me. Well, that and his second wife. LOL! I kept telling her "it's ok, I don't play for that team anymore!" ;-) LOL
Take care!

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