December 19, 2008

Another Milestone

Who would have ever "thunk" that my little place on the web would ever get:

Some time late yesterday it happened...

I started this as a way to communicate with my family and friends I lost in the coming out process. Today I have a whole other reason to continue posting... I find it very therapeutic and also find that by sharing my experiences, in writing, I am helping others that are going through things that, while different in each case, have similar frustrations. We are not in this alone, as I found when I started this journal back in February of 2006. I was tagged by several guys that had already gone through the process back then and they were so encouraging and supportive that I never stopped writing.

Thank you all for visiting "My New Life" and helping me through all my ups and downs...

Over and "Out" 19,000 hits later, from Chesapeake, VA


manxxman said...

Thanks for being open and sharing your story.

Maddog said...

I'm glad I happened upon your blog, and congrats on the 19,000. You'll have to let us know when it hits 20,000.

Java said...

This is great! Blogging seems to take on a life of its own, doesn't it? From what I've heard, many people are surprised by the reach blogs have on their lives. Glad you're still plugging away.

Michael in Norfolk said...

Congratulations! I have found my blog very theraputic as well - and a bit addicting (I spend most evenings working on it). I have met many great people as you are doing as well.

I am glad that we connected. I have cross linked to you on my blog. Since we are in the same area, we definitely need to get together sometime soon.

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