December 10, 2008

Middle of the Week (end)

It is Wednesday to most, but it's Saturday for me. I have been laying low for a bit, as I have been having conflicting feelings about some people I have met... I'm sure my situation is not unique, but I have been at a stalemate as to how to handle it. I have been seeing someone on and off for a couple of months now... I really LIKE the guy, but am almost positive I could not LOVE him in a way that could lead to anything serious. I hate being driven by "chemistry" sometimes, it so gets in the way of romance. He is extremely nice, thoughtful, and intelligent, but I just don't "feel" anything more than potentially a really good friendship. On the other hand, I think he has stronger feelings towards me...

Then comes the monkey wrench, I have been chatting and talking with another guy for the past couple of weeks. Again, an extremely nice, thoughtful and intelligent guy. Only problem is he did not choose to share a picture of himself. Usually a negative in my experience, although I did meet Jim without knowing what he looked like a few years back. As the story unfolds, I had dinner with him last night and immediately felt the "sparks"... I could get very serious about this guy if I let myself...

More to come for sure.

Over and "Out" from my neck of the woods in Chesapeake, VA

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Peter said...

#1 Talk to the guy one-on-one
#2 Same

Good luck Tom, you deserve love!

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