December 12, 2008

Offensive and Optimistic...

After the last post i realized that Shirley Q may be offensive to some. I certainly hope it was not. I just found it and some of the other videos of her on YouTube very entertaining in a somewhat "potty humor" way...

Onward and upward! The new man in my life has proven to be quite addictive... We spent the better part of my weekend together and really got to know each other a little better... We had planned to get together again last night for dinner and possibly go to the HRBOR monthly event, but the storms down this way prevented me from getting into my car to meet him in Norfolk.

On the other hand, the time apart after spending so much time together gave me (and I suppose him too) some time to reflect and ponder where this might be headed... All I know is that I missed him last night and then again this morning... I missed his "boys" too (they are two of the cutest Cavalier King Charles Spaniels).

Anyway, it's Monday for me so there will be some additional "pondering" time before I get to see him again. I am very optimistic and hope he is as well!

Over, "Out" and optimistic, from Chesapeake, VA


manxxman said...

I'm smiling ear to ear for you.

Maddog said...

What great news. The next time you see him though, can you find out if he has a cute, rich, smart, sexy, gay brother. It has to be all five or it's a deal breaker.

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