January 5, 2009

Angels Among Us...

I am not sure why I have this interest in Angels right now... I have never been all that religious, yet I find myself fascinated... This song is performed by Jane Siberry and was featured in the movie "Pay it Forward":

Perhaps it's that reference, the thought that 2009 may be one of those years that we all find ourselves "participating" rather than "spectating". A year in which we are all optimistic and hopeful for ourselves and for our fellow man, that has me so intrigued.

Oh, and speaking of Angels, this is one of my favorite (recent) photo finds:

Over and "Out" from my little piece of heaven, in Chesapeake, VA


manxxman said...

Now there's a lovely angel.

Maddog said...

I personally think that photograph is exactly what heaven is going to be like. At least I hope so.

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