January 14, 2009

Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a Match...

You know how you can go for, what seems like eons, without meeting anyone you are really interested in? Not the meet and great gathering thing, where you meet all sorts of people that have some of the same interests, but meeting someone that you really "connect" with on some level... Well... I have been blessed in that area during the last couple of months of 2008 and this first month of 2009. I will not mention any names, other than my own and Michael's, but I find it very odd that in such a short period of time, I have met three men that have touched my heart... Men that I have truly "connected" with, including Michael...

I have never been really good at the "friendship" thing, at least with other men... Perhaps I have the wrong (gay) perspective. Maybe it's more than what I have searched for, or expected in these four years, since coming "Out" to the world. Being gay is a very complicated thing sometimes... While I enjoy the acquaintances I have made, well... I just have a hard time distinguishing a potential mate, from someone that would make an excellent friend. For those friends of mine that may have experienced this dilemma or trait of mine, I do apologize! For those who have not... Well... I apologize in advance.

Now to the point/meaning of my title for this post. While I have gone through my trial and error process with two of the three aforementioned men, I have made two very good friends... In the meantime, they have started talking to each other (maybe about me and my faults, maybe not), and are now spending more time together... I am thrilled that two such fine, understanding, honest, and heartfelt men have found each other through my error... Could it be that my task/purpose for 2008 was to play matchmaker, rather than to be matched? Who knows? I now know what it feels like to have great friends... As a gay man, that is a tough feat!

Over and "Out" from Chesapeake VA (soon on my way to Richmond to see my man)!

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Rick said...

Sometimes the universe has different things in mind for us. Glad you're enjoying it nonetheless.

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