February 27, 2009

Just Filler...

OK, I am a copy-cat at heart... there have been a few things I have run across lately that I felt were worth plagiarizing... Here is one:

I Am a Green Light

I take life at a fast pace. I act quickly and decisively.

I have good instincts and trust my gut. I'm confident and brave.

I am determined and ambitious. I don't allow myself to waste time.

It's no surprise that I get a lot done. I am efficient and productive.

I will use another in coming days... No need to run myself out of noteworthy "filler" when I am as busy as I am...

Oh... and by the way, I found the above at Thomas's Blog and he plays the "verification game". You know, the word you have to type to leave a comment? Well I am playing it now too. You have to state the word on your comment, then make up a definition... ie:

wirsty = more awefuller (hehehe)...

Over and "Out" from Chesapeake, VA


Rick said...

mater = the word "matter" spelled by someone with a fifth grade education.

Thomas said...

I admit, I've been bad not visiting.

Green's the best color, you know.

ingsivoc - When you actively listen to the voice of the customer and can only think of positive words ending with ING - exciting, exhiliarating, energizing. (and apparently only words beginning with the letter "e").

Anonymous said...

You, my old friend, are a terrible human being. Greetings from Miami to a person who abandons his children.

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