February 6, 2009

Too late to Post....

Sorry to anyone that may have been holding their breath for a late (last) night post... Yesterday was most certainly the epitome of a Monday for me... The two days I was gone all piled up on my desk while I was away... I'm sure that I am not the only one to experience such a "phucked-up-kakka-peepee-krappy-lord-oh-my" kinda day... Or am I? It's over... That's all that matters!

As for my last two days? I spent them with Michael, need I say more? We watched movies, I drug him along to do a couple of personal errands (family stuff). He, his son, and I went to our (his son's and my) newest favorite dinner place, (Hooters on West Broad St) for oysters and wings, I got to meet his Mom (the one that owns a gun and is proud of it) at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast on Wednesday morning... She is actually very nice, and never once brought out or eluded to the fact that she had any shotgun shells in her purse!

Over all, I had a wonderful time... I really do love this man... I just hope he is really ready for all of my "baggage".

This Sunday is the "Red Party" at the Granby Theater in downtown Norfolk. Mike-n-Mark have been hosting the event for three months now, and this is the first one I have been able to attend (I work Sundays). Michael is driving down from Richmond on Saturday night, so that he can go with me... Oh My... It's going to be our first real outing as a "couple" at a gay event!

I sure hope he is ready for it!!!

Over and "Out" on my Tuesday (most people's Friday) from Chesapeake, VA

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manxxman said...

It sounds as things are going seriously well for you and that my friend would be a good thing. Enjoy the present and build for the future......we all have the right to dear.

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