April 23, 2009

The Return of Maddog...

I have only followed a few blogs since the beginning of my own. A Maddog in the City has always been on my reading list. Sometimes we all have things going on in our respective lives that keep us from posting as frequently as we do when we have the time and energy. MD has always been as regular as a morning BM. AND THEN IT STOPPED... He moved his site, tried something different, and just lost the inclination to post.

I, for one, am glad his ranting has returned! No, seriously, Welcome back Big Dawg!!!

On another topic, posting for me has been a little intermittent too. I totally understand some of the reasons for MD to lose interest for a while. I think the "Evil" comments from "Anonymous" kind of got to me. Some people don't realize how heartfelt some of the posts (we bloggers write) are. To some, it may seem that we are writing to gain attention, and there may be bloggers out there that are looking for just that, but for some of the better bloggers, this is our way to vent our frustrations, share our feelings, and channel our thoughts. I don't mind criticism, in fact I encourage constructive comments, what I do mind is thoughtless, evil minded babble. I should not have let it get to me...

All else is well in Virginia. Spring has most definitely Sprung and the tree pollen is playing havoc with the collective sinuses of most, but this too will end very soon...

More to come, Over and "Out" for today, from Portsmouth.


manxxman said...

I'm sorry that anonymous was able to get under your the same time I can understand that "he" might.

Keep up your postings, I for one look forward to them.

Thomas said...

I don't mind comments that are ignorant, stupid, weak, personally insulting, and the like.

If I want, it gives me an opportunity to think outside the box to respond in a variety of ways. But I particularly like breaking out the cat claws on occassion.

Blog away, to hades with those that don't matter.

sessup - People like to look at themselves in the mirror and leave anonymous comments on blogs.

*think about it*

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