July 2, 2009

Popular Fireworks Banner

I feel a little stupid... Yet again...

I decided to change up my banner for the upcoming holiday. First I "googled" fireworks pictures, found one I liked, added in the shadowed lettering (choosing just the right colors), saved it, and finally posted it to my blog layout. I actually think it turned out ok for the time I spent on it.

Then came the slap!

I started reading through my favorites to catch up on my blogging friends, got to Maddog's site, saw HIS new banner and had one of those "Oh My GAY GOD" moments... It's like going out on a date and having the guy you are meeting wear the same clothes (or color scheme of clothes) you are...

I'm not changing! and to quote a friend of mine "Your hair sure looks nice Maddog"...

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA

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Bob said...

I'd say you both have great taste and leave it at that.

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