December 21, 2009

Angels in America, Merry Christmas 2009

I saw this a few years ago...  Actually when I was still living in Richmond with my wife and children.  While it did not help me identify myself (I already knew)... It helped me come to terms with what I needed to do to be true to myself and those around me...  Five or so years ago...  I am so glad that I watched the mini-series on HBO and encourage anyone that needs to understand me more, to watch it, buy it, or rent it!

Merry Christmas, Over and "Out",  from MY America, here in Portsmouth, VA

Oh and just a ps here...  Mike Nichols, the movie's director, is Dianne Sawyer's husband...  Took some balls to put this together! 


Larry Ohio said...

We watched Angels in America last week, coincidentally. I had never seen it (how is that even possible?), but when I got my new Netflix account, one of the first movies I put in my queue was this one. I loved every minute of it.

Rick said...

I've never seen it. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

I have the DVD. Great performances by Merryl Streep, Al Pacino, hell the whole cast was phenomenal.

Streep as Ethel Rosenberg was great, and Emma as the street person, wow!

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