March 11, 2010

I'm.... A CHAIN!!!

From the immortal words of Dolly Parton's character in Steel Magnolias "I'm not sure whether to wind my butt or scratch my watch", I am tickled pink that I am Bossy's Featured Gay this month. For those of you that have never visited her site (, I encourage a trip over there. She has the most interesting, bizarre, informative, strange, and clever wit... and a definite knack for writing... Thank you Bossy, for making me a part of your wonderful world, and thank you Kelly for introducing me to her a couple years ago.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming and my new life:

Life is good (read as: better) here in the "Other P-Town". I took a week off last week. I lovingly referred to it as my "Mental Health Stay-cation". Most people in semi-stressful positions need a mental health day now and then... I think once you hit 50 (I am now 54) your ability to re-energize takes longer, and you need at least a week to:

  1.  Get stinking drunk.
  2.  Recover from that, and figure out why you took the time off.
  3.  Get loaded again, while doing nothing constructive at all.
  4.  Recover from that, and do the dishes from days 1-3.
  5.  Do the laundry that has been there all week.
  6.  Buy more beer and polish that off.
  7.  Realize you have to go back to work tomorrow.

So... there it went... I watched DVD's, read, left the house only 3 times, and had a fantastic week of brain numbing NOTHING! And you know something? I DESERVED IT! I think Michael was tired of coming home to find me in the same clothes I was wearing when he left (usually a sweatshirt and flannel pants). But hey, it wasn't HIS vacation, it was MINE! Enough said... Sometimes you need a "Veggie-cation" and I got mine.

Did I ever write about my adventures as a teen? Growing up cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean on a 66 foot sailboat? Hmmmm, maybe I should put together some of those memories, before they slip into those empty Miller Lite bottles being recycled weekly...

But... for now that's all there is, so once again I say...  Oh wait, before I say that famous/infamous line, I do have a request for all that have clicked on me from Bossy's blog.  My neice founded and runs a non-profit in Washington DC and is trying to obtain some funding through the Pepsi Refresh Project.  If her organization wins (through daily votes by people like us), One World Youth Project  will receive $50k in funding for their current efforts.  Please click HERE to get to the Pepsi page assigned to her, register, and then vote every day until the end of the month.  OWYP is currently in 29th place out of 129 eligible organizations. This is my niece that (with Michael and me) marched on Washington during the Equality March last Fall...  Thanks again Jess, for putting us up in your modest home...  errr...  apartment....  errr...  cozy place!!!

So, now I say:
Over and "OUT" from my new life here in Portsmouth, VA

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Kelly said...

COngrats on being one of Bossy's Gay's... she rocks... as do you!!!

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