November 11, 2010

Lately Gay...

I am not working today, so amidst the cups of coffee and GMA I have been reading and linking through my personal blogroll, then reading more...

I happened across a blog that really touched a nerve. "Lately Gay" or as it's creator refers to it "LG", is a wonderful resource for those of us that grew into, or came to terms with, our sexuality later in life.

These are Stephen's own words as to how "Lately Gay" came to be:

"My name is Stephen and, in common with other users on this site, I've only reconciled myself to my true sexuality in my middle years. I was motivated to set up the site having realised that I was far from the only person in this situation (and unlikely to be the last!). Undoubtedly, its a bewildering stage in any person's life and made all the more difficult because it usually comes off the back of a marital break-up. Planet Gay (as I regularly think of our domain) is a world which, on the surface of it, many may know as the bars and clubs of Soho and Vauxhall with thousands of bright, young things struttin' their stuff. Now, if you happen to be middle-aged this may not be quite your thing. Even if it is, it can still be an intimidatingly young scene. However, that's merely a light candyfloss coating to the gay community. Beneath the veneer there are no end of interest groups, sports groups, theatre groups, ballroom dancing nights and the like which are very open and welcoming. Hopefully, Lately Gay will become a gateway by which the older new gay boy in town can feel his way around and start to feel comfortable in his new life."

Take a click over to his site and tell him you came over from here!

Over and "Out" from a day off in Portsmouth, VA

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