December 6, 2010

Where did November go?

I so try to keep my posts here somewhat upbeat, but where the heck did November go? I loathe my job, I feel I am in a rut, I eat, sleep, work, poop, drink, and periodically have sex...  I have no energy nor ambition to get anything other than the above done, what the heck is wrong?

I love my man Michael, yet I constantly feel I am not good enough for him (or more precisely, ENOUGH for him)...  I am in a Funk...

I love the lights and music of the holidays, yet all of it seems so mundane and "blue". Maybe I just need my annual fix of "Christmas Vacation" to get me out of this FUNKING RUT!

I did finally change the batteries in the smoke detector today, how lame is that?

Over and "Out" from a very chilly day in Portsmouth, VA


Bob said...

Hmmm, it was here a second ago.

Don't let the season get you down, Tom. Lots of people get down around the holidays. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that those most joyful of people might just be putting on a show.

jaygeemmm said...

Hmmmmm, is it December already? Oh drat, it is!!!

I dunno if this will help, but Spys89, who's had a pretty rough year, and me, who's had a pretty rough 3 years, both kinda got "in the mood", so to keep us there, we're watching Christmas movies, the fun kind - like "Christmas Vacation"! And so far, so good!

Hope the mood picks up!

Peace <3

the cajun said...

Man, you sound like I feel. Aside from the "sex" part (none) my days are pretty much like yours.

Only difference, I love my job. Just not making enough to live, so I live to work. Bummer.

Hope things turn around for you soon.

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