January 21, 2011

Disney Dream... The Newest...

I can't believe this...  I think we have all forgotten the gulf...  The place where we get our 4 shrimp per day...

It "ain't over yet", first Katrina, and then this?  I am waiting for my hero Robin Roberts to step in and get the Disney guys to lend a helping hand...  GMA needs to refocus on the Gulf, and stop focusing on the Disney Dream...

Over and shamefully "Out", from Portsmouth, VA


the cajun said...

Great minds...and like that. I posted this yesterday, as well, and thanks for doing the same.

The cover-up and lies need to be called out. The word needs to be kept out there or we lose a way of life and a great body of water.

truthspew said...

Yeah I'm a little pissed about what happened in the gulf. Of course I'm radical enough to want a couple things to happen in this order:

1) Modify the U.S. Constitution so that soulless corporations can no longer hide behind it.

2) Go after BP and the other oil companies and make them secure the wells that are currently in operation to prevent a catastrophe like that which happened in the gulf less probable.

3) Stop the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know it sounds simplistic but stop them and take the half trillion and INVEST in research on better battery and energy storage technologies. You'd be surprised what you could do with a trillion every two years.

3A) Not all that in #3 would go to R&D but to subsidies for consumers to buy electric vehicles. The current prices of $80,000, $60,000 and $40,000 and even $30,000 is too much. The price of the vehicles referenced has to get to the $20,000 or less level to encourage widespread adoption.

3B) You could give breaks of $10,000 per new electric vehicle if you turned in your internal combustion vehicle.

3C) You could get breaks up to another $5,000 for having short commutes.

You get where I'm going here. Bold change requires bold action.

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