February 27, 2011

My Favorite Color... and a Rug...

Yes, that's right... It's RED Carpet Day... 

I will be watching tonight, as many will be, the parade of stars leading up to the Academy Awards. I have to admit though, I have not seen any of the nominated films, nor one of the nominated actors' performances. I am a bad, bad gay man. Yet I will be glued to E! and ABC tonight for all the festivities...

I'm guessing a few of you will be too!

Oh...  Just an unofficial poll, what is YOUR favorite color?

Over and "Out" from my red carpet, in Portsmouth, VA


Anonymous said...

I might watch part of it all! I haven't seen any of them either, so we are in the same boat of bad bad gay men!

My favourite colors are green and purple.

Peace <3

UP said...

My favorite color in clothes is blue, my favorite colors are lavender and purple!

MarathonMom said...

Bad gay man - LOL!

I saw The Kids are Alright and Another Year. Both good.

Green is my favorite color!

Enjoy the night!

Buddy Bear said...

I won't be watching the awards because we don't actually have TV reception in the house!

My favourite colour is red: red toilet, bathtub, sink, ski jacket, many items of clothing, used to have a red car... and on and on.

BosGuy said...

I'm right there with you Tom. I've not seen any of the films ('cept Inception which I saw on my flight back from P.R.) I'm not really a movie guy. The last time I was at the movies was to take my two nephews to see Yogi Bear in 3-D.

Favorite color... I'll go with green.

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