March 25, 2011

Pan American World Airways 1...

I'm guessing that few remember the "World's most Experienced Airline"... To me, PanAm was a word I remember well as a child. My Grandfather (Gramps) was a pilot (actually one of the most senior pilots) for the carrier until his passing in the early 70's. He and his stories and pictures fill my early memories with awe and gratitude. The blue and white "PanAm" bags we used as overnight bags where-ever we (my brothers and I) went were the status symbol of the day, in the 1960's those bags were more impressive than a "Gucci" bag would be today (Priceless)...

Gramps worked with PanAm long before the merger with National Airlines. He was flying the infamous "Flying Clippers" out of Miami to Brazil (where my Mom spent many of her early years). I am going to do my best to recall the stories and experiences of my family on these posts (none of which have any gay content, well maybe one or two will). These are mostly for me and my own recollection, yet may be entertaining to others...

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA


Trickle Down BS said...

It was almost 51 years ago on April 3, 1960 that a Pan American Airlines plane brought us from Cuba into an unwanted exile.



Trickle Down BS said...

That was way back in the days when women wore hats and men suits when they traveled. Does that date me?
I miss PANAM.


Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Raul... Not at all... I remember flying into MIA back in 1968 and being awed by the magnificence of the airport... It was truly a city of itself... and the attire in those days was not what is is today!

the cajun said...

A dear friend worked for Pan-Am for many years, even into the National Air (Fly Me!)fiasco. He was used to booking execs from NYC to places like Melbourne, Australia. After the National merger, he had to learn (the hard way) that there was a Melbourne, Florida. Snow birds were not impressed.

Pan-Am simply was the gold standard back then and some of that service could be put to good use today.

Looking forward to your stories.

Happy Weekend, Cheers!

truthspew said...

Pan Am. I also remember Eastern Airlines. My first flight was on Eastern, a 727 in fact.

jaygeemmm said...

My very first flight was on Eastern, then one on PanAm. I was young. But I remember flying. Wow. Looking forward to the posts.

Peace <3

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