March 31, 2011

Mile High Tale from a 747...

I thought a mile high tale may be in order after the previous four posts. I found the story of this encounter on another blog and got to re-live my first "Mile High Sexventure"... (yes I have had a couple of them)...

"Back in 1994 I was on one of my frequent flights to Australia. It was mid week and the upstairs business cabin on our 747SP had only 4 passengers. I was in an exit row seat facing the crew seat. The flight attendant was a 40ish guy and we got to talking. I suggested they should move the passenger seat closer so I could play footsies with him. Through the flight he came and talked to me several times, and because there was virtually no-one up stairs, he came and sat with me. He told me he was new at this and recently split with his lover of many years, having previously been a bank officer. I asked why he took up as a flight attendant and he told me he liked to travel and thought it was a good way to meet a nice type of man. He sat beside me several times, and once, he came back having obviously removed his briefs. Not being totally stupid, I read this sign and kissed him. It was dark and everyone else was asleep. One thing led to another, and when it was obvious we were both ready willing and able, he went forward towards the cockpit (or so I thought). He came back and led me through the cockpit door at the front of the 747's 'bubble'. What I didn't know was there are bunks there for crew rest, and he had just checked that the coast was clear. We doubled up on a narrow bunk and about two very pleasurable hours passed. We weren't quite sure if a mutual blowjob qualified us, so we experimented a bit. I managed three full orgasms (including the blowjob and hand-job)... I am not sure about him because he got into this ripply ongoing orgasm while he was on top and I'm not sure if he had three, ten or twenty. We caught up in Sydney and had some fun together shopping and sharing our bed. He left two days later, but I was there for a few days more. He lives in Sydney, and I used see him often until he met the guy he was looking for..."

Who in the world wouldn't enjoy a flight like that?

Over and "Out" from a day off in Portsmouth, VA

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Anonymous said...

I had one of those on my way to Argentina. The flight was almost empty and the flight attendants go to sleep after a while. It was wild and it was fun!
I made a post on that Jan 2, 2010

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