May 21, 2011

MEAN... Taylor Swift's new Anti-Bullying Video...

Whether or not she is "Gay-Washing" for our "Pink Dollars" is not important. Taylor Swift has just released her new video "Mean" and is helping to sustain the awareness about bullying. I post this in memory of a kid I met a few years ago (the son, of a boyfriend's, sister's, girlfriend) who, for whatever reason, decided to take his own life this past week, at the age of 21...

Mark, was one of the sweetest and most intelligent kids I have ever met. He was not afraid to dress differently, wear his hair differently, or act differently. His mom (I'm sure) was challenged by his style, interests, and behaviors, but always supported him. He got good grades, was an avid reader and introduced me to the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", from where this blog get's it's description (in the banner at the top of each page) "A Colorful Perspective on Life, Love, the Universe, and Everything". I don't know if he was ever bullied for his uniqueness (although I suspect he was), but I do know he will be missed by many...

My heart and thoughts are with his mom Denise, who will always be my friend...

Over and sadly "Out" from Portsmouth, VA


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. It's always awful when a young person takes this path, and just so difficult for those left behind. My sympathy to you, Denise, and the rest of Mark's family and friends.
Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your is as you say, always good to have feedback.
As a kid I was relentlessly bullied, living in a machista society there was no room for individuality. I know what is like and often have done posts on the subject.
But one important thing to keep in mind is that all this bullying takes place with the full approval of society engendered by religious intolerance based on erroneous interpretations of the Scriptures.

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