June 3, 2011

Federal Reserve Celebrates GLBT Pride Month...

Today, Equality Virginia sent a press release commending the Federal Reserve Bank (in Richmond, VA) for raising the rainbow flag in celebration of National LGBT Pride Month.

The Family Foundation and Delegate Bob Marshall are against the flag’s display. On the Family Foundation’s blog, they write:

"Although the Federal Reserve is a private entity, it is disappointing to see it participate in this celebration. Media reports indicate that there have been complaints from employees who are offended by the flag. According to Sally Green, chief operating officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, “We strongly support a diverse and inclusive culture at the Richmond Fed and have learned that it is important to value and embrace differences, both seen and unseen.” Apparently that inclusivity doesn’t apply to those who do not condone homosexual behavior."

Equality Virginia’s Executive Director James Parrish supports the Federal Reserve Bank on its action.

“The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond should receive accolades for its decision to recognize and celebrate its GLBT employees, customers and vendors during Pride month,” Parrish said. ”It’s a private business and should be able to make its own personnel and corporate policy decisions without Bob Marshall’s guidance or the Family Foundation’s approval.”

Parrish also notes in the statement that the Family Foundation is out of touch with the mindset of most Virginians – stating that 80% support non-discrimination for LGBT individuals.

Yesterday Delegate Marshall made public a letter he wrote to the bank saying:  that flying the “homosexual flag” is a “serious deficiency in judgment” and, likening the flag to the Berlin Wall by implication, exhorting the Bank’s President to “take down that flag!” The letter cites the state’s sodomy law which is unconstitutional in claiming that the flag celebrates felonious behavior and wrongly asserts that the Bank is in a federal building.

Over and FELONIOUSLY  "Out", from Portsmouth, VA, USA

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