June 28, 2011

Pat Robertson declares the end of America...

From the Human Rights Campaign:

It's getting ugly. Just days after the New York State Senate approved marriage equality, Pat Robertson declared that America may not survive since it has now "embraced homosexuality."

That's not all. Leaders of the right-wing Tea Party Nation warned about the "queering of America," and compared gays to drug addicts. One right-wing Christian publisher even wrote that politicians who voted for marriage equality should be "subject to indictment, trial, and punishment" because the vote violates "God's law"!
Our victory in New York has the right-wing riled up because they never thought that a GOP-led state legislature would approve a marriage equality bill. But there's a fundamental shift underway that you and I have seen coming. We're at a tipping point in our culture and the right knows they're losing – so they're lashing out.

It so amazes me how these "folks" claim to have their fingers on the moral pulse of America... "God's law" was once interpreted to violate inter-racial marriages and those "fears" along with that frame of thinking no longer exist. Times change, and the moral pulse of America changes with it... Thank Goodness...

Over and "Out" from Portsmouth, VA, USA


Bob said...

Pardon my French, but he puts the fuck in fucktard and the ass in asshat.

BosGuy said...

People still listen to that whacko?

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