July 21, 2011

Neil Patrick Harris and the Smurfs...

While I was never a big fan of the Smurfs while on TV, my younger kids were... I remember them both "humming" that annoying tune for what seemed like years (yeah you all know the one)... I had heard they were making a Smurf Movie, but had no idea that NPH was in it. Based on the trailer (above) it looks cute in the same kind of way the Chipmunk Movies did...

NPH seems to have some great lines and "slapstick" kind of moves... I will probably wait for the DVD, but I thought it worth letting all the "Smurf-a-holics" know it is coming out next week...

Over and "Out" on a 100 degree day, from Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

I loves me some NPH but I.Cannot.Stand.Smurfs.

FOGGY said...

After a cold, wicked, wet, rainy winter in the Pacific Northwest, we wind up with a cool, cloudy wet, showery, misty Summer into the middle of July.

Let's trade meteros...... yeah?

Jay M. said...

Is it easier or harder to be blue than green? HAHAHAHA

Yeah, another one to wait on...Netflix, maybe.

Peace <3

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