August 2, 2011

Duck and Cover...

I totally swiped the above off Joe My God's blog... I watched it a couple times just to put the timelines in perspective... There were several periods that the tests were ravaging, yet there were also months and years where almost no blasts occurred... How many of you remember those "Duck and Cover" drills in school?

And they wonder what causes global warming... Where is all the fallout from these explosions? Doesn't the radioactivity hang around for like a zillion years?

Just Sayin'

Over and Thermonuclearly "Out" from Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

Further proof that we don't know what we're doing, but keep on doing it.

Trickle Down BS said...

I saw it too and was totally floored. Impressive and scary.

My comment in his blog was: "I'm surprised we haven't blown up the whole F%^#%^ planet yet"


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