August 26, 2011

Eye... Eye... IRENE... (Part Four)

Just received this on the City's Facebook feed. Our garbage can is still full and in the street... I am not bringing that smelly thing into my house!

Over and "Out" from the closed city of Portsmouth, VA USA


Anonymous said...

And the alternative? Think that it will be tipped over by the wind, contents scattered and the pick up afterwards is going to get worse. I had that same problem with Wilma's visit. The two garbage cans were found a block away.
But when this happened I was more worried about the false ceiling caving in from all the water coming in from the torn roof.
The city eventually picked up some of it and we went out a couple of days latter and picked up all the debris including the garbage bags.
hope you fare well

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Garbage service showed up trash emptied and cans stowed...

Buddy Bear said...

I hope you weather the storm all right. Good luck!

the cajun said...

Just stay safe. RB is boarded up and ghostly. Very strange.

Anonymous said...

How'd you make out down there, Tom> Hope y'all are OK!

Peace <3

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