October 23, 2011

Party Rockin' Halloween...

My blogging and FB friend Jeff (who doesn't blog much anymore) posted this and I thought it fun to watch and listen to as we all approach All Hallows Eve...


Over and "Out", the Sunday before Halloween, from Portsmouth, VA USA


Anonymous said...

Now that was wild! I love lighting effects. I'd love to know how much all that cost and how it was put together. I have a fair idea what they used. Lots of RGB LED's, some EL wire, but what did they use as the controller. Probably some shift registers to control the discrete elements without using too many output pins. But cool none the less.

Anonymous said...

This is tooooo cool! It's like the Christmas equivalent...amazing what you can do with some lights and a computer! The blinders are a nice touch, don't see them much in Christmas lighting displays. I also love the four different "voices" - nice creativity!

Peace <3

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