October 6, 2011

Six on the Sixth - October

This is part of a continuing series. On the sixth of each month I will post 6 little known facts about myself:

1.  On the 11th of October I will have been totally out for 6 years.

2.  I did not know that October 11th was National Coming Out Day.

3.  I didn't tell my Mom I was gay until her 70th birthday.

4.  I think she was surprised, but it didn't change a thing.

5.  I have never owned any "Apple" product.

6.  I feel a little guilty about #5, especially with the news of Steve Jobs passing.

Life is good here in Virginia. The weather is finally getting a little cooler and I am happy for that.

Over and "Out", from Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

Congrats on the Coming Outiversary!

Jay M. said...

What Bob said! WOOT!

I own an iBook and an iPod, and have another iPod from work. I'd love to have one of those huge 27" iMacs all tricked out, but MAN, as brilliant as Steve Jobs was, he sure could price us poor folks out of the market! May he rest in peace. I have a job because of him.

Peace <3

N!LoC said...

thanks for not sueing me for plagiarism !!

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