November 6, 2011

Six on the Sixth - November

Here is the next installment of my Six on the Sixth series. This time I am going to include the number 6 in each of my six disclosures...

1.   This month my blog (the one you are reading) hit 66,000 page views.

2.   I am truly Six feet tall.

3.   I turned Fifty "6" years old this year and am feeling it.

4.   Yes, it's only Six inches long... But it works fine for me.

5.   The sailboat I grew up on "Firebird" was Sixty-Six feet long overall...

6.   I had my cardiac event (Heart Attack) Six years ago this past February.

So, there you go... Six on the Sixth, including the number 6, for November 2011...

Over and "Out" from my world in Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

Quite the sixy list!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool.
Peace <3

JustAMike said...

I think it's a six-tacular list. Love it!

BosGuy said...

Glad to read that "it" works fine 6 years after turning 50... its something this 40-something wonders about / worries about.

;-) BosGuy

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