December 19, 2011

All Wrapped Up for the Holiday...

This has been a very frugal Holiday for me. I find it hard to get into the spirit of the season when I am more concerned about how I will make ends meet financially.

I like to shop for family and friends, but this year I have decided we just can't afford it... We got Michael's son his gifts (an iPod touch and all the trimmings)... We will figure out something for each other after I get back to work...

We did decorate and that has helped my mood some, as has the above photo as my desktop background...

I hope all my blogging friends have a great Christmas. I am sure to post more beforehand, but if I don't Happy Holidays to all!!

Over, "Out" and a little depressed, from Portsmouth, VA USA


Bob said...

The holidays can be a depressing time, especially because it's all so overwhelming, with parties and dinners and gifts and sheer craziness.
We like to keep it simple. Simple days, simple gifts, no extravagance.
Just peaceful.
Hope your holiday turns out peaceful and happy and all that you deserve.

Anonymous said...

As our families grew, we stopped with all the gift giving. We'd get things for mom and dad, then just dad...and now the siblings buy within their own families and that's it. That's fine with me. I just enjoy spending time with them, and friends, and having some quiet time to myself.

Finances are tight everywhere. I wouldn't feel bad about a lack of shopping as I would if I couldn't afford the gas to get here to visit during this season. I hope you and Michael have a wonderful Christmas together, and have the opportunity to spend time with all of your families.

Peace <3

Erik Rubright said...

This definitely seems to be the year for frugality for a lot of us.

Early Christmas wishes to you and those around you.

T said...

Don't feel sad, Tom. Your care and love mean more than any gift. People who love and care about you would not care about gifts. If they do, you shouldn't care about them. Merry Christmas.

Paul Brads said...

I seem to spend less and less each year. I kinda like that! I'd rather donate $20 to a charity than pass around $20 gift cards at work in a name draw. I don't eat as much junk, so I don't make as much candy, and the kids are grown, so cash works...I like that too. The Mall's a mess anyway! MerrybahhumbugChristmas anyway!!


BosGuy said...

I like the wrapping but the package is what I'm really interested in ;-0

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