January 6, 2012

Six on the Sixth - January 2012

Once again, it's that time of the month, time for Six on the Sixth...

1.   Employment numbers are Up, yet I remain unemployed.

2.   Monday (this week) high temp was 33, yesterday was 65
      (can you spell climate change?).

3.   I have been having fun with "" preparing a family tree
      (with my family it's more like a forest though).

4.   My paternal/biological Grandfather wrote at least two books,
      Both are sitting on my coffee table and to my surprise, one is
      actually autographed by him (I never knew the man) but ordered
      his books through Amazon for $10 each.

5.   It looks like Ubu's previous owners just abandoned him, welcome
      to our family (he is so sweet and loyal).

6.   I am writing this last night, and it's Beer-thirty... Cheers!

I need to jot down ideas for this series during the month rather than waiting for the last minute to come up with my Six... What about you (that we may not know) would you like to share? Give it a try!

Over and "Out" on another 6th day of the month, from Portsmouth, VA USA


Bill Dameron said...

I am a direct descendant from two of the passengers on the Mayflower

Bob said...

New Year's Day it was 75.
Yesterday it was 32.

the cajun said...

I didn't know you lost your job. Hope something good comes your way, soon. Happy New Year.

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